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  1. This is an extract of their reply to my termination request. "Please note, as you have decided to give termination, if your supply is not transferred away from us at the end of your current contract, your meter will be moved onto our Out of Contract tariff. If this does happen we’ll provide further details and notify you of this new rate at the time." It seems they have the right to move me to higher tariff, but they did not notify or provide the any details of the new rates to me when my contract expired.
  2. I really should have payed more attention to this, but i have been very busy. I also have my electric contract is also Opus which may have caused some confusion. I only realized when Extra Energy kept billing me. ExtraEnergy have confirmed they received my termination request and that i could switch in March 2016, but they have no records of any attempts to switch by Opus. The letter does not state a beginning date for the contract, but Opus has confirmed that they were informed that the switch date is in March 2016. But for some reason they tried carryout the switch in November 2015 and December 2015. When they failed they just abandoned the contract without informing me.
  3. On the 10th of November 2015 I received a Welcome Letter from Opus with details of the agreed tariff and length of the contract, it also informs me that they will begin the registration process. This is the only letter I have from them.
  4. Sorry that should be November 2015. Thanks for pointing this out.
  5. Hi, Back in Nov 2016 I agreed a business contract with Opus to be my gas supplier in March 2016. I have since found out that Opus had abandoned this contract in December 2015. However they have failed to inform me of this resulting in my supplier at the time "Extra Energy" to move me to a high out of contract tariff. Opus are currently investigating why this contract was abandoned as there seems to be is no clear reason. Is there any action I can take against Opus for not upholding the contract and then failing to inform me of that i no longer had a contract with them? Thank you for your time.
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