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  1. Now thinking this welcome credit might be a forgery 1st don't remember signing it 2nd it state no ppi . Now searching for old credit agreement found my old bank statement showing payment to welcome in Jan & Feb 08 payment was £450.58 and after ppi removed payment was down to £383 .50 which agreement produced by welcome states was the original agreement notice amount borrowed hasn't changed .still 27k it should be 22k after removal of ppi . Am going to turn this house upside down if that's what it take . Wouldnt welcome had sent a copy of the original agreement to LR to secure debt ? Would try calling LR see if the keep copy .
  2. No statement included should arrive separately as par letter Ah received a statement last week but only 16/17 will post
  3. Ooooll welcomes CCA Request Agreement dated 2009 agreement signed 2008 LR entry 2007 blanked cca0001.pdf
  4. Got reply to CCA request from wWelcome (trying to up load doc) it has my signature , and the terms and loan amount repayment figures etc no ppi on loan I know loan taken out was 27k in total with 5k on ppi and cheque received was 22k but it's dated by me in 2008 a year after I took out loan and their signature a year after 2009 mine signature, and looking at the LR entry date is Nov 2007 which is the year I took out loan . iS this agreement Enforceable and binding as the entry on LR contradict the credit agreement dates . ? Wondering if I have any legs here help
  5. In response to that I believe it as welcome are regulated by the Fca and CCA covers land also , In the mean time I have received a statement from welcome debt £36k early settlement figure 36 k. Secure loan now a mortgage remaining term 145 months. Loan was taken out in November 2007 over 7yrs I Hope they provide me with statement showing term from onset , showing how the loan arrived at 36k from 22k this debt has being in dispute since 2009 due to excessive charge put on account . I believe they are not prepared to listen any F F offer as they can probably see the equity on the property . I have being cheated enough by welcome . No more Looking through welcome statement ending 2016 Jan arrears balance 22k monthly payments £383 statement ending 2017 Jan arrears 30k interest 0% . Their statement clearly states am in default under the CCA 74 so they acknowledge it ,loan taken out 2007 November
  6. Wes hoping to use their failure to comply as bargaining tool for lower settlement figure
  7. Advantage owned communitas don't know if they still exist as advantage has absorb them I think . I they have the same business address in Grimsby search communitas ppi reclaim it come up
  8. Now written to welcome CCA request . As they are unable provide SAR request They now have 12days to reply or I believe unable to enforce agreement . wonder how how I can get charge removed from LR if they don't comply with CCA request . I believed they should reply to CCA request by 7th Feb fingers crossed
  9. Good news advantage has replied to my settlement offer £10 k goodwill gesture make big difference from £22k willing to accept this but devil in me says lower reason for high initial settlement figure frozen interest now waived
  10. Called welcome finance today chasing my SAR they tell they haven't received my request . they also tell me they have no paper work on file for me just the balance they have on the system 34k , they wanted to know what I need for ? I explained ppi claim . anyway I requested a settlement figure . So I await their call .
  11. Ok I will draft a SAR and send that also in main time I will await there response to my settlement letter
  12. I defended it on the onset but I believe judgement was in defualt . just tried to obtain judgement on line but it's not showing on address the CCJ was more than 6years ago I think or could it be on my new address but CCJ was at my previous address . Moving forward you are suggesting a SAR I will rather have loan reduced to to a settlement taking into consideration ppi what do you think ?
  13. No I don't. but believe I can a copy for the county court .
  14. Has anyone had any dealings with a finance company call advantage finance ? Took out a secure loan with its sister co communitas finance in 2007 for 15k was making regular payment until I fell in difficulties the loan I took out had a ppi of about 5k I stopped making payments after I lost my job they then got a CCJ I came to an arrangement with them . To make repayment which I have since 2011 I am about selling my flat I call them in May2016 asking for a balance of account they gave a figure of 13k I didn't get this in writing and took theirword for it I have statement from ending 2014 amount owed 14k earlier last year I got letter saying my loan was now with advantage finance their parent company CCJ was also transfer to them as well as LR . I got my conveyance solicitor to contact them for settlement balance in their reply the balance now owed 21kplus of £4 daily until settled how can they suddenly increase amount owed. I knew there was ppi on the account which I believe would be a bargaining chip for settlement . In response to it I have now written them a letter including the statement I have for the account and cited ppi plus interest £7.5k threaten complaining to Fca , settlement offer 7k . Does anyone have other way as to deal with this issue as I don't whether my tactic would work .or is there a legal way of dealing with this : ?:please help someone tell me it's against ofcoms unfair guidelines
  15. Yes did on the 2nd of December
  16. Still waiting on a reply from welcome . My conveyance solicitor sent welcome a settlement figure letter he has had back a reply asking my permission to disclose info . Wondering whether to give them permission to disclose or to sent them full and final settlement figure of £7k to see where that gets sighting failure to reply to my SAR ?
  17. SAR drafted ....... now fingers crossed
  18. Don't want to sound ignorant but Looking at the charge register for welcome it has no company registration number or company registered address and it states copy filed whatever that means
  19. Hi the property and secure loan with welcome in my name only . the only paper work I can get my hand on at the mo is the default letter welcome sent their charge shows on th LR for the property . ok would send them SAR . And see what come back with it
  20. Hi took a loan out with welcome finance for 27k in 2007 making continuous payments for about 2 years I decided to claim back my ppi using one them template they accept my compliant and took 5k off the loan now 22k 2months down the line the loan now goes up to 36k I then questioned them as to why this was the case they imformed me its the interest I was very unhappy at the new state of events I stopped paying and haven't being contact with them to this day . I moved from that address and rented out the property out . couple of years ago they started writing default notice to me every 6 months for £50 from their head office in Nottingham the loan still remains at 36k Now am in the process of selling my house and want their charge removed or settled I don't want to pay their figure which I believe includes the ppi they claimed to have refunded how do I go about it I don't want them messing up my sale what do I offer them as full and final settlement I read someone got away with a 30k secured loan by paying them 4K which the claim was accepted any financial wizard on this site who can help? I know their ppi funds with the agency run their ppi refunds has run
  21. Hi I took out a secure loan with welcome finance in 2007 for 27k after making payments for about years I sent in one of them ppi template as I was sold £5k ppi welcome on accepting my compliant reduce the loan to £22k within 3 months increased the loan to £36k saying this was due to interest charges on the account I made several complaints but to no avail I stopped making saying if push comes to shove they would take me to court i moved out of that address renting it out I have not being in contact with them since 2009 in the last 2 years they have manage to trace me and now sent me half yearly statement of the 36k I owe them adding a £50 interest each time they have a 3rd charge on my property , I m in the processs of selling as I now have a buyer how do I settle them I want pay them little or nothing as the way I being treated me
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