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  1. Costs were £140, Multay. They had a sent a local solicitor to represent them and he tried to squeeze another £200 out of me for his fee, but the judge was having none of it.
  2. Morning Andy Just shy of £320 including costs. I want to thank you again for all your help and as soon as I get paid I will send a donation. All the best Pete PS if anyone needs any further questions regarding the judgement, don't hesitate to pop a note on here
  3. Hello all. the hearing was yesterday. The long and the short of it was that the judge agreed that without the Service Contract, they couldn't show whether the early termination fee was applied correctly, so that was written off. It was felt that they had provided enough evidence to show that I had used the airtime so I was liable for that plus costs, which apart from the costs I thought was fair.
  4. Andy. You are a star and a legend, and I owe you big time regardless of outcome. One week to go...
  5. Hi Andy I hope all is well with you. Have you discovered anything that might help on the big day? Many thanks in advance All the best Pete
  6. Thanks Andy. Yes. I've had their witness statements and they've had been within the allotted time.
  7. Have spoken to the court this morning. The claimant had requested the fee be taken from their solicitors PBA account system and the court had failed to do it. So it's on...
  8. Yeah. Going to buzz them first thing and find out what's going on. Thanks for keeping an eye on it.
  9. That I don't know. All it says, and I quote: It is ordered that 1. The order of the 28th April 2017 be rescinded and the hearing of the 1st June 2017 be reinstated. This was due to an administrative error.
  10. Hi guys. Just had a letter from the court to say that the case has been reinstated, on its original date in two weeks time, due to an administrative error. I'm furious.
  11. Wahoooo!! Thanks everyone!! Can I get the blasted default removed from my credit account now, do you think? Where can I chuck y'all a donation?
  12. So, it's all over? Even though the default date was July 2011?
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