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  1. Update. In the middle of the night I have received an email from Paypal explaining that they have concluded their investigation into my case and have decided in my favour. They were able to recover the money paid and it has been credited to me... I called them and ask from where is the money coming from? The seller. The item was never received. Now it does, I suppose, change my approach to Parcelforce regarding compensation for time, trouble and aggravation. I still intend to be compensated. How should I approach it? Still write a letter of complain with the list of phone calls? Thanks
  2. Copies in pdf format Parcelforece claim lettersss.pdf Parcelforece claim letterss.pdf
  3. Hi I will redo the list but remember that I am using a spreadsheet from Mac. No Exel here. In the mean time, I've received a letter from PF asking me details of the thief: Parcel received? Item left with a neighbour? Driver left a card? Have I made any enquiries to Parcelforce? Do I included the list of phone calls at that moment? Doing that would let them know that i am recording every phone calls. Another point. Received a mail from the sender, from PF to him. I suppose that it it the letter i've received today, above. "They need a depot authorisation request. Apparently that is a letter from whoever you spoke to at the depot stating that they are prepared to compensate fully for the lost laptop. I cannot submit the recording of the telephone conversation. Can you please contact the relevant person, ask them to send you confirmation of the agreement to fully compensate in writing and then send me a photo so I can submit it online as part of the claim. If I do not submit this evidence then they will close the claim."
  4. There is the list. Starts from the bottom page. The last conversation was with a new guy from management. He says that they will pay for what I've paid but nothing else. Certainly no compensation. Voice 225.3gpp New person from management call back. Now driver wont come back. Changes of circumstances. Sender has already made a claim. Claim the drivers boss has seen the cct. Lie Aware and admit of the wrong doing on the drivers part. The guy sounds very upset admitting it. They do not want to see the cct nor have copies any more. They wont replace the Macbook. Just the price I've paid. They wont pay a penny more. 20161118_142643_0344 209 6151 Manager playing surprised my parcel was stolen?? Ask sender to make a claim. Surprised the driver came back. Playing ignorant. Driver 219. Manager denied he supposed to come the day before 2-4pm. Driver to sort it out. Voice 217 9.50am driver turn up alone. No manager. He watch cct again. Then admit that its his fault. No claim. Give you cash today. If claim, loose my job. 20161116_173711_0344 209 6151 First lie telling that manager and driver came today to see cct. Manager and driver will come back tomorrow again between 2-4pm But driver turned up alone and they are not aware of it. At 07.25mn, i’m told to hush the price i’ve paid and ask for a replacement with new one. They will send for another one for you, he says 20161116_172446_0344 209 6151 Call PF again. Driver did not turn up yesterday. Put me on hold for 9mn 20161116_104259_Parcel Force east Dépôt Driver will come back between 3-5pm to solve problem. Tell driver cannot speak good english Voice 209.3gpp Manager [sonil?] ask if driver came. Explain how parcel disappeared. Tel me to ask sender to put a claim. Their contract is with the sender only. Repeat himself many times Driver will have to pay out his own pocket if parcel not found. Voice 208.3gpp Confrontation with the driver and the receptionist. Driver says he did not signed, a woman did. Rush out when cornered 20161115_120547_Parcel Force east Dépôt Manager call me back telling driver will come at 1700 to resolve the issue 20161114_162005_0344 209 6100 A woman telling that the parcel has been collected..?? PF will call back Was put through another depot and spoke to manager 20161110_165835_0344 209 6100 First time reporting the parcel missing. Will contact me. No Answer.
  5. I paid the sender and the sender organised it. I have 10 recordings plus the CCTs of the driver. They admit seeing the CCTs, stipulating that the manager saw them with the driver. Only the driver came and watch them twice. The calls start from the 14/11/2016 until the 21/11/2016 I did answered that I do have 3 copies of each recorded conversations. Will do the list and post it Thanks
  6. They gave me the driver's number, 219. One of the two managers called me back asking me if the driver came back and solved the situation, therefore acknowledging him, pushing the driver to settle me with a cash. The driver will have to pay himself for his mistake, as mention by the manager. [recording] In the last phone call, the manager explains that due from changes of circumstances, the driver would not come any more. And I had to be in contact with "the sender", as they only deal with senders, although I am the one who's paying, How do I let them know that I have theses recording? I am only asking for a replacement of the same quality of the Macbook I purchased, not a new one. Unless they cannot find one. As the driver done his job properly, I would not be there asking for what belong to me. I would be enjoying it now instead of worrying if I am going to get any back in return. Thanks
  7. http://www.parcelforce.com/conditions-of-carriage
  8. The same value of the price paid of £500
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but as I paid using Paypal, I am not entitled to use section 75. The seller seems to be a good guy and is doing his best. But just doing what is required, no more. Unless I could show him otherwise. But for that I have to know how first..
  10. This is one of the answer send from Parcelforce "Thank you for your email and please accept my sincere apologies for the concern that this matter has caused and I can understand your disappointment. In light of the information that you have provided I have passed a copy of the email to the senior management team at the London East depot. Under no circumstances should a parcel be left unsecured and without being signed for. This would be considered to be a serious failure by the driver concerned. Should corrective action be necessary, the depot management team will implement this locally, and details of any remedial action will remain confidential in order to comply with our employment policies. I can also see that a claim for loss has been submitted by you and the Claims team will be in direct contact with you to request any information that they require to enable them to process the claim. Once again, thank you for your email and my genuine apologies for the inconvenience and concern caused. Kind regards Chris Lindquist - Email Team Manager" Again, I have the manager on recording repeating and repeating that only the sender can make a claim. "14.3 Parcelforce Worldwide may require the Customer to substantiate a claim by providing any relevant information about the Consignment including proof of Despatch, proof of value, estimates for repair costs, cost price, invoices, weight and nature of the item(s) lost or damaged, serial numbers and IMEI numbers for electrical items. This may include requesting the Recipient to retain all packaging, or obtaining other documentary evidence and/or photographic evidence as requested by Parcelforce Worldwide from the Recipient of the Consignment. " parcelforce.com/conditions-of-carriage Like I mentioned in the first post, it was bought privately from a seller on eBay. But it was only a year old, as new, bought from Apple. Thanks
  11. The actual value is the Apple website. Parcelforce stipulates that only the sender can make a claim although I have been the one to deal with it and relay with the sender. I have, like I said, recordings of Parcelforce admitting wrong doing from the driver. Also, the driver admitting wrong doing and trying to offer me a cash settlement if I do not mention to his boss nor make a claim. Reason? He would loose his job. Also, Parcelforce management affirming that I would get a replacement with a new one and to not mention the value paid for it. I only have the CCT of the driver dropping the parcel with his small signing machine in his hand and no one signing for it. I did admit it while I was showing him copies of the different CCT, but the recording stopped when the video player got activated. But he still say that it was his fault and wanted to pay for it. I tend to recored everything these days as I have learn that it is my word again who ever.. I could post shorten version of the recording but dont know how. I have 3 copies of each, phone , computer and backup. Thanks
  12. Hi I bought a year old Macbook [2015] from a private seller on ebay. Genuine, bought last year from Apple. Paid for enhanced compensation. Parcelforce left the parcel outside the 24h reception and signed for it. He said he was in hurry.. Driver said a woman signed for it. CCT proves that he dropped the parcel and left. First accused an invisible woman for signing for it, then admitted signing for it. The parcel, aka Macook, was stolen. All captured on CCT. Crime ref given but police has yet to come and take my statement and watch CCT. My situation is that I have a driver who has admitted signing for the parcel and leaving it unattended, and that only the sender can make the claim. I paid £500 for the Macbook, which is a real bargain. Am I entitled to a replacement or have I got to accept only a cash payment of £500. The last two weeks have been spend with deep frustrations and anxieties not knowing the outcome. I have an article from the Telegraph stipulating that Parcellforce should replace the item/Macbook of the same specification and compensate me. "claim for replacement of the item and your money back on the grounds that Parcelforce had breached the delivery contract through the driver's actions. In a recorded phone conversation with Parcelforce, they admit wrong doing on their side with the driver. Also, I paid for Parcel24 and yet it took 48h to arrive. Could some of you enlight me on what could be done? Thanks
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