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  1. I really appreciate you guys inputs,

    i know i did a very stupid and dangerous act and i do realise that.



    I havent received any letter from them yet,

    but if i do, it will most likely go to court

    and will get a lawyer and will use this information you guys have helped me with

  2. Wow! thanks for this!

    He didnt even have his lights on,

    he only was flashing at me and then when i went left lane,



    when he was besides me he gave few hand gestures and then followed the other guy,

    he stopped the other car and then he gave hand gestures for me to stop too..



    then asked me to follow him to a service station in which he then spoke to me and he mentioned the whole

    "you do not have to say anything.."

  3. I was initially confused by your use of the term "traffic officer", thinking that you meant one of the Highways Agency "police wannabes".



    If you mean police officer, probably better to use that to avoid doubt.


    No, it was a traffic officer, not a police officer. They deal with mainly motorways, it was the land rover traffic officer.

  4. If you aren't on a wind-up, maybe the retest wouldn't be such a bad thing, as you might have to learn the difference between an overtaking lane and "the fast lane"......


    Did you get some sort of happiness finding a small mistake?

    Ive been driving for 5 years,

    i drive in and out of london and do over 30k Miles a year,

    i think im well aware of what each lane is for,

    i meant faster lane in which he could easily overtake me but he didnt and was up my car.


    Yes i seen previous post, but i just mentioned what lawyers have mentioned in regards to my case.


    Thanks anyway for your comments (Y)

  5. Thank you those who actually gave advice on the laws.


    Like i said in my actual post,

    i know it was stupid.

    But after a long drive and someone tailgating you in the middle lane when the fast lane is empty, it will annoy you.


    Well its been 14 days and no letter received yet,

    most likely will be the summons at court route which can take upto 6 months,



    i have spoken to few lawyers who work mainly around these situations

    have said they have never heard of the E in the 10-20 years they have been working

    and said kent police department are really busy and their average time is 4-5 months, anything after 6 months will be void.

  6. Hi Guys,


    Would just like to first say, yes i was stupid and i did a big mistake. But i would like to know a bit more about the law and what i could be facing.


    I am 22, i have already 2 x SP30 so 6 points altogether.


    I was driving from dover back to london when someone was up my ass,

    i let him go infront and did the same back to him which led us to go to around 110mph.



    When a traffic officer was then behind us with lights on and stopped us both.

    Other driver wasnt insured or even have a licence so his car got impounded and not sure what officer gave to him.



    Whereas, with me he said he doesnt have a speed recording of me doing 113mph, so hes writing in his sheet that i was exceeding 70mph. So on the Sheet he gave me on the recorded speed it states "E" and that is all.


    Its been 12 days since the offence, is it true that they have until 14 days? or is it 6 months to get summons from court?


    I have spoken to some speeding ticket lawyers/solicitors and they have all said this is something new and never heard of the recorded speed having an E.


    I hope to hear from you guys.


    Thanks in advance

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