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  1. There is still no new company. It was an idea, and we discussed equity share etc. I did the work on the product based on that equity share. Once the work was done, he used it for his other company. And then decided to not form the new company with me after a disagreement. I guess there's not much I can do about that. Just chalk it off. Even though I don't really understand why HE owns the software and not me? I put much more of my professional time into it than he paid me for it. However, the June and July work - where him and his staff have asked me to do work via emai
  2. I am an IT contractor with my own Ltd company. I started building web software for a client 2.5 years ago (lets call it Product 1). There was never any written contract between us. I would go in every month, demo what I'd built in the previous month, discuss what my client wanted in the following month, and get an invoice paid for £3000. As I already have other clients I work for during the day, I worked on the stuff on evenings and weekends. It was extra income for my company, rather than my main income. Product 1 has been live for over 2 years, and my cli
  3. Just to confirm, this 2-line defence you are talking about - this the the actual defence I submit to MCOL yes?
  4. Is this not relying on the court to allow me to amend my defence if they do not strike the claim? I'm worried here that I'll send the 2 line defence, and that'll be it - the claim won't be stricken, and I won't be able to amend my defence, therefore the pre-Pofa stuff will be excluded? When I first went on forums and told people about the circumstances of my ticket, pretty much every one of them said "don't worry, it's pre-Pofa - they can only go after the driver, not the RK". So you can understand why I'm concerned about submitting a defence that doesn't include that?
  5. 2 line defence? Nothing about pre-pofa? Surely pre-pofa should be the crux of the defence?
  6. I have to submit my defence by Friday. The bit that worries me here, is that it seems to be concentrating on the fact that Gladstones aren't doing their job properly (dodgy pocs), rather than the individual issues, such as the "event" being pre-Pofa and not knowing the RK, signage etc. Now I believe that once I submit this defence, I can't change it? So isn't this a risky thing to submit? Shouldn't I be putting everything I can think of down as a defence? defence: 1. This is the skeleton defence of the Defendant, [Your name here]. 2. T
  7. I gather that. I just thought that I should try and get hold of all documentation. The ticket. The images of the car with the ticket on. The image of the signage. The planning permission for the sign. the contract between the PPC and the landowner. The DVLA records of how they got my address etc. And most inportantly for me, as my main defence would be putting the onus on them to prove who the driver was, as it's pre PoFA, I wanted to know if they had any proof of who was driving e.g. CCTV. And making sure all this was valid 4 years ago - contracts, pla
  8. What I'm trying to avoid, is them producing documentation I don't know about, on the day. If my main defence is pre-PofA and they need to prove that the RK was driving, I want to make sure I know they haven't got anything like CCTV, preferably BEFORE I submit my defence. If I don't need the documents, what was the point of sending a 31.14 then? Just to show unreasonable behaviour?
  9. I need the documentation. I want to know what they're planning to use against me? It was over 4 years ago. I've lost any original documentation they sent out. I don't know if they have CCTV footage or anything? Surely that's stuff I need to be aware of when choosing a defence?
  10. ok the 31.14 has just been sent. I don't expect to hear anything back, however if I don't get anything, I can use it alongside the Poc as evidence of "unreasonable behaviour" in the hearing? I think it may be wise to send a SAR to the PPC now, starting the 40 day deadline?
  11. I'm about to send that CPR 31.14 request using your standard template, but I'm asking for the a verified and legible copy of each of the documents mentioned in the Poc. The problem is, the Poc doesn't mention any documents? Should I just be asking for all documents they plan to rely on?
  12. How can I formulate a defence on no contract or little other no signage if I don't get the documentation on which they're going to rely? I have no pictures of the signage they had at the time, or contracts, and I'm unlikely to get it before I need to submit my defence?
  13. Ok thanks. I believe that Gladstone are likely to ignore the request, which leaves me with the option of sending a SAR to the PPC. However I'm unlikely to get that information back before I need to get my defence in. So I guess that leaves me having to formulate my defence without any idea of the documents they will rely on. No signage, no ticket, no idea of whether they're trying for breach of contract or trespass or whatever. And I can't change my defence afterwards? Seems a bit unfair that?
  14. Yes remove it if you think it'll do me harm. I'll write a new one tomorrow
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