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  1. Hello No, I paid by Paypal, and the money came out of my bank account. Thanks
  2. Hello I really need some help please. I bought a solid gold christian name necklace from 'My Name Necklace' and purchased their 12 month warranty at the same time. Just inside the warranty date, the chain broke, I completed the online claim form along with a photo of the broken chain ( The warranty covers chain breakage ) The company emailed soon afterwards on 15th November stating: We apologies for the situation. We can send you another chain. A prepaid return envelope will be sent so that you can return your original item to us.* Please let us know if you agree. Please note that this envelope is already addressed to us and prepaid. Simply place your item in the envelope and drop into any mail box. There is no need to add postage or go to the Post Office. Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance. Best Regards, Allison Brown My Name Necklace Customer Service Team I replied stating I would use the envelope but as the order cost me £116.00, I would not be popping the envelope in a letterbox, and would pay extra to send tracked. 2 weeks passed, and the addressed envelope hadn't arrived, I messaged again to report this, was told that the returns envelope can take up to 3 weeks to reach me. I realised the compary was overseas, so had to accept this. At today's date there's still no envelope I've contacted the company again and they are just lying / fobbing me off by saying they have escalated my complaint, and then I hear no more. I've asked for the company address and they won't supply it. All communication has to be done through their webforms only. I may have found the address through Google search, but it may not be correct: Mynamenecklace 14455 N Hayden Road Suite 226 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 I'm wondering if there is a procedure similar to the UK 'small claims' that can be done with an overseas company? Can anyone advise please? The necklace was my daughters 2015 Christmas present from me. To be honest, she only wore it a handful of times as the chain is so fine, that she was frightened it would break, and unfortunately the chain caught on her jumper, and snapped when she tried to release it, albeit very carefully. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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