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  1. Yeah After what DX said I was looking through what constitutes a valid DN and couldn't find anything wrong to be fair. Other than information sheets missing which I left out of the scans to save time. Other than the charges I don't think there is anything else I can complain about? Fingers crossed now hoping the CCA never appears....
  2. Looked over #23, since this is a BOS linked to credit agreement not much I can do around the first point. Only other thing I can see is to validate the BOS with the court?
  3. Hey Been a while since I've updated. Cabot have still not responded to the CCA so will continue to do nothing until they do. Cheers
  4. Hey I know its only been a few days but wondered if you have any suggestions on how to proceed? It looks to me that TFC had relevant paperwork so not much I can do there unless there is any suggestions otherwise? Still nothing back from DCA regarding CCA request as yet
  5. Hi Apologies but took a while to scan to redact, there is a lot there but most are duplicates of defaults and sums of arrears. Have split the uploads to keep the file sizes down. Things missing from the SAR that I thought I would see, if it makes any difference at all? 1) No copies of Seizure Notices, although does say sent in the notes 2) Notes show auction price of vehicle but no receipt 3) No notice of assignment, is TFC meant to send this? Anyway, please let me know your thoughts. Many thanks, appreciate any advice Additional items due to file limit SAR.pdf
  6. Yeah its definitely Default notices, it changes to notice of sums arrears starting 27/10/2011 and send nearly every 6 months to the incorrect address. I have the notes of the account which appear like a computer account log of their notes and attempts at contact, mail sent, contact be me, etc. You want this all scanned up? May take a while to redact, etc.
  7. Hi The pre contract information - nothing in paperwork titled Pre Contract information . Anything else I should be looking for? The agreement to determine its type - Credit Agreement linked to Bill of Sale by looks of it A copy of the BOS - BOS is present with court stamp The Default Notice - there are several notices on the account due to late payment on some months. First notice served on 17/10/2010 and last on 04/04/2011. Any charges and add ons - account statement shows £300 in admin fees linked to default notices The SAR narrative ( comms log) - sorry can you clarify what you want here? Sorry all, not really good with this stuff
  8. Right got the SAR, lots of paperwork lol! From what I can make out so far.... There is paperwork present for BOS stamped by court, guess I should check the validity of this with the court? Last payment on account by me was 02/2011 although the account was credited in 06/2011 with the auction sale of the car. No paperwork regarding seizure of the vehicle nor auction receipt evidencing the proceeds of sale Lots of admin fees on the account statement No notice of assignment Strangely enough, the screen notes of account show that they collected the vehicle from a different address (a few doors down), all correspondence then went to that address, obviously I didn't receive any of it. Let me know if you want anything but looks like i'm in a bad position here, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Guess cabot will come back soon with the CCA request
  9. Just an update TFC has responded with a request of proof of address, current address is different than when I originally took out the agreement. I assume its ok to send utility bill or some kind of statement (this is what they are asking for)? Cabot haven't responded to the CCA request, since advice seems to be that I shouldn't of sent it, shall I just leave it alone? Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoy the last days of 2016.
  10. Sorry, thought CCA was the right thing to do. Already on its way via recorded delivery so too late now anyway. As mentioned before, spent last few years repairing credit and a CCJ would really set me back to square 1. Attached letter cabot.pdf
  11. In my defence it did say will They explained normal action is to go to solicitor to obtain. If no response in 14 days then then WILL proceed as highlighted above.
  12. Thanks for your help so far. Just to confirm that I have sent the SAR to TFC. Cabot are heating up, latest letter is now threatening solicitors to obtain a CCJ. I have sent them a CCA request with a view to use a Pre-Action Conduct letter to their solicitors when it comes through.
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