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  1. Hey dx Huge apologies, have only just checked your last message. Both letters were sent on the same day. Since then, they have written to me saying; "The letter dated 15th Nov informing you that the Possession Order had expired was, as you have pointed out, a duplicate of the letter dated 3rd Nov 2016 and was issued in error" "The letter dated 15th Nov 2016 informing you that our Solicitors have been instructed to ask the court to set a date to take possession of the property was the correct letter at that point in the enforcement process" "Although the Possession ord
  2. Wow, I'm stunned; that you would give up your time to help people like me is amazing. I will of donate, when this is over - monthly, I promise.
  3. OK, will do. Can I ask slick132 and dx100uk do you work for this site? When this is all over - I need to repay you both.
  4. I've only managed to skim through it, as we've been at a swimming gala for my daughter this weekend. Will read it all tonight. Thanks for the feedback on the I&E form!
  5. Sorry another thing. They are sending me and income/expenditure form to fill in. Should I do this, or ignore?
  6. Hi Slick 132, really appreciate the advice and will no longer call them. They don't respond to emails (company policy they say) so I guess that's still OK to continue. I haven't heard back from dx100uk yet re the possession order. Elderbridge stated that the order has now expired, but I'm not sure if that has come up in the land registry information. They sent me 2 letters on the same day, one stating that the possession order had expired and another stating that the eviction process was taking place, so I panicked - shamefully. Re the SAR, having read the threads, I thought it shou
  7. Sorry, I'm new to all this. Does that mean Elderbridge does still have a possession order? Even though they've said it's expired?
  8. Yep, sorry went via a different website. So I've now done it via .GOV. Is it just the Title register required? If so this is what's on it - (27.01.2016) Proprietor: ELDERBRIDGE LIMITED (Co. Regn. No. 8896386) of Target House, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF11 9AU. 4 (02.03.2006) REGISTERED CHARGE dated 14 February 2006. 5 (02.03.2006) Proprietor: LANDMARK MORTGAGES LIMITED (Co. Regn. No. 3273685) of Admiral House, Harlington Way, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 4YA. 6 (02.03.2006) The Charge dated 3 September 2003 referred to above is postponed in priority to that dated
  9. Just ordered the title deeds from the Land Registry, hopefully it should be sent tomorrow (office hours). Will update, when it's through. Again, thank you so much!
  10. I have the SAR ready to go on Monday, so thanks for that. Could I ask what will this do ie how does a SAR help. Also, re the possession charge, how could I find out that it has expired - as Elderbridge has stated. Thanks again!
  11. Wow, thank you both so much for this information. I will email them tomorrow with this inforamtion and get the SAR sent to them right away. I cannot thank you enough for helping me.
  12. Loan took out 2006, went to court but FP transferred to Redcastle and we agreed reduced payments. I stupidly didn't realise this was just adding to the arrears. Elderbridge took over Jan (I think this year). They wrote to me a couple of weeks ago to say the possession order has now expired and I need to contact them to arrange a plan. I emailed them a plan. However, they email the same letter again yesterday plus a letter saying they have contacted their solicitors to ask the court to set an eviction date I called them today, told them they had sent
  13. Thankfully, no I didn't, but it was such a school boy error on my part. Thanks for coming back to me!
  14. Hi guys, I'm new on this site, so please be gentle... I took out a £85K loan with Firstplus in 2006 for a business, unfortunately, in 2010 our main client stop paying us, and that's when the problems started. FP were great to start with and let me pay reduced payments, but the arrears built up. Eventually, they transferred the loan to a company call Redcastle (still on reduced payments) and then at the start of this years to another company called Elderbridge. I contacted a website called [removed] and the advice one of their recommended advisors gave me some bad a
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