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  1. Thank you for the replies... I was hoping the answer would be no as I do want to complete my notice.... I have emailed the company as doing it by post doesn't give any time for delays. considering the letter gave less than a week. still waiting for a response..
  2. That would be a no... only planning on paying me until the 13th.
  3. Hi, I gave my company 2 months notice as per contract, this was on the 1st feb, I have just received a letter that are suggesting I finish my employment on 13th Feb... Is this allowed? I had planned for the 2 month notice period and this has thrown me.. Many Thanks
  4. Hi, No day release, it is in house training that he had to do every 6 weeks for a week, with extra training ( scaffold appreciation etc), the thing is as a trainee he gets around £22k and a company car so it's quite a good job especially for around here though he does travel over 90 mins to get to various sites.. He doesn't want to lose this job but after asking countless times for the things he needed it wasn't until he "stamped" his feet that all of a sudden there was a problem with him!.. We shall see how this plays out over the coming days
  5. Thanks for the replies.. He wants to keep his job and be able to do it.. He went armed with emails etc to the meeting and had a pad to take notes all of which surprised his manager, He let his manager talk and then responded, and mostly his manager didn't respond and went quiet which is when the p.a chimed in.. All of this has happened since he said he will no longer be using his own equipment.. The fact that his has missed training as he was told he had to cover, has paid all his own travel for 2 + years, bought a fridge on a site as it was needed
  6. Here goes... My son works for a national construction company as a trainee site agent. ( 2+ years). He was sent to a site as basically the site agent... Since august he has been asking for a laptop charger and a work mobile phone ( he's had these on every other site) Within the last month he has emailed his manager and told him he will no longer be using his phone minutes or his data and personal email for work... He was called in for an " informal" meeting about his conduct today ( letter he had said as our discussion on wednesday ( it was tuesday)!! At this informal mee
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