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  1. It's not that I can afford but at this stage now as you said I have no case so there is no other option other than to pay up? I will see a solicitor to see what their opinion is. Damage is done now and I can't go back in time. I have taken on your views hopefully if they did do the same to someone else they will lose their case in the future.
  2. I understand both your frustrations with these situations but do not be too quick to judge. No- we do not think we are the only ones who have problems but unfortunately life throws all sorts of stresses at us from job, relationship, to grievances. unfortunately these can be thrown at you all at once so yes, a legal letter about a parking ticket will get put to the bottom of priorities. when you lose a family member you do put the more trivial items of concern to the bottom. I appreciate all your help of course! However, unless you are someone like yourselves with a great deal of knowledge on the subject how can you expect someone to know what to do or say that is clueless about what any of it means. I'm sure I am the one who will learn from this, a few hundred out of pocket but a lesson learnt.
  3. No I only acknowledged and selected defend. What would I need to do now?
  4. Yes I acknowledged the claim on the MCOL and selected to defend the case
  5. Hi, yes I wrote a letter of defence and that is what they replied. This is their latest letter I may be taking this to a solicitor now as I don't know how to deal with this problem
  6. yes i have signed on and acknowledged the claim. I am going to bournemouth this weekend to take photos of the whole area and the signs for the evidence. Here is the letter I am about to send advised by Dx100uk but should I include anything about the confusing signage or is this letter enough for now? 26th November 2016-11-26 Premier Park Limited Queensgate House 48 Queen Street Exeter EX4 35R Dear Sir or Madam, Re: Premier Park Limited v Emma Freeman Case Number: CPR 31.14 Request On the 25th Oct 2016 I received the claim form in this case issued by you out of the County Court Business Centre. I confirm having returned my acknowledgement of service to the court in which I indicate my intention to contest and counter claim your entire claim. Please treat this letter as my request made under CPR 31.14 for the disclosure and the production of a verified and legible copy of [each of the following/the] documents (s) mentioned in your Particulars of Claim: 1. Proof of assignment from the landlord to create contracts and make claims in your own name. 2. Proof of planning permission granted for signage etc. under the Town and Country Planning Act 2007 3. The contract between Premier Park Limited and the landowner that assigns the right to enter into contracts with the public and make claims in their own name 4. Copies of notice to driver 5. Notice to keeper and any other correspondence from Premier Park Limited or Gladstones Solicitor to the defendant. You should ensure compliance with your CPR 31 duties and ensure that the documents (s) I have requested are disclosed at your earliest convenience. Your CPR 31 duties extend to making a reasonable and proportionate search for the originals of the documents I have requested, the better for you to be able to verify the document’s authenticity and to provide me with a legible copy. Further, where I have requested a copy of a document, the original of which is now in the possession of another person, you will have a right to possession of that document if you have mentioned it in your case. You must take immediate steps to recover and preserve it for the purpose of this case. Where I have mentioned a document and there is in your possession more than one version of that same document owing to a modification, obliteration or other marking or feature, each version will be a separate document and you must provide a copy of each version of it to me, your obligations extend to making a reasonable and proportionate search for any version (s) to include an obligation to recover and preserve such version(s) which are now in the possession of a third party. In accordance with CPR 31.15© I undertake to be responsible for your reasonable copying costs incurred in complying with this CPR 31.14 request. If you are unable to comply with this request and believe that you will never be able to comply with this request please confirm in your response. Yours faithfully
  7. Hi again, sorry for the delayed message, Here are the attached images hopefully this has worked now. I have acknowledged the claim online now. I was wondering what is a CRP 31: 14? I will be writing the letter you advised me to write tomorrow. Address: 15 Gallop Way, Poole BH12 5HG. Hopefully you can see the images as this is the exact place I parked. Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 22.10.56.pdf Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 22.12.54.pdf Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 22.12.17.pdf
  8. how would I acknowledge the claim send a letter to the parking company direct or the court? The court letter gives me an option to tick to dispute the full amount and an empty box labelled 'defence', what should I write in this box? The dates in question are 06/05/15, 01/05/15. It was a ticket slapped on my car a yellow one. I had put them aside and forgotten about them after someone told me private companies are not lawfully correct to expect you to pay. I also got a letter in the post but my parents may have thrown these away. I am pretty sure the letter in the post was a long time after the ticket on the screen- a few weeks. The land is behind the premier shop next to talbot village doctors surgery in Bournemouth, I have actually just found some images on google maps i can send to you now. What is a strike out? Thankyou for your help!!! I wasnt able to send the link to the images because i only have 2 posts on here and not 10. any other way of sending the images to you? or shall i keep posting..
  9. Thank you for your reply. The company is premier park limited and the issue date is 25th October, I was only aware of this letter a few days ago. Thank you.
  10. Hi I have the same letter would anyone be able to help me resolve this? not sure how to go about it. I am a recent graduate and whilst at uni I had a few parking tickets from a unused carpark behind a shop in Bournemouth. As my home address was Plymouth they were sent there and unopened until I opened this court letter. I have received it late so I am worried my response will be late. The letter is from gladstones solicitors limited, court address: county court business centre. It states: Defendant: Particulars of Claim 06/05/15 £150 01/05/15 £150 TOTAL DUE £300 The claimant claims the sum of £333.66 for parking charges including £33.66 interest pursuant to S.69 OF THE COUNTY COURTS ACT 1984. rate 8.00% pa from dates above to 24/10/16 Amount claimed: 333.66 court fee: 35 legal representatives 50 total amount: 418.66 Please can you help me with how I respond to this? Thankyou.
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