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  1. Hi, at first i thought he was shouting at me for not wearing a mask,but i had my mask on,he did not wear a mask, it happened so fast i never thought of recording it, good point. i will be avoiding the place and i am telling everyone about it, the thing is why the staff did not step in thats what really bugging me,from a health and safety issue surly, many thanks
  2. H, i Many thanks for reply ,yes the post office and the shop belong to the same family ,they have the same set up in half a mile away, they take turns in the shop and the post office part, my wife was very upset she thought i was going to be hit,he was a big lad,thats why i did not understand why the manager or the girl serving us did not inform him.it was left up to the people in the queue who were standing up for me.
  3. Hi Citizen B Yes thats right ,been going their for over 15 years
  4. Hi Many thanks for reply, i did shout yes, as this person was screaming at me for a good 5 minutes, in that period of time people were trying to tell him but he would not listen ,i kept looking over at the manager but he would not take any action, i felt i had to shout as this was getting quite frightening not just for me but to my wife, but i would not call this a misunderstanding, the girl behind the counter knew the manager clearly knew and the people in the queue knew why i came in, if any thing the people in the queue would have said something to me, but they knew
  5. Hi need some advice not to sure if this is the right section, my wife and my self went to the post office to send some parcels away, i stayed outside, my wife was at the counter and one of the parcels the girl behind the counter did not understand the post code, my wife said my husband wrote them out is it ok to get him,the girl said yes, so my wife opened the door and called me in stating the girl did not understand the post code, as i went in the person who works behind the sweet counter started screaming at me,i did not understand him at first , so i said i have my mask
  6. many thanks i will do that, but what baffles me is they sent a copy of the application form from 2001?, i thought they destroy after6 years.
  7. The new regulations aim to ensure consummers are treated fairly, both when they buy ppi and when they complain about being mis-sold the cover, they require providers to talk potential customers through the key features of a policy, rather than just provide them with some documents giving the information, while they will also have to be able to show that it was made clear to the consumer that the cover was optional, so if none of the above then it is classed as missold, so how can a bank ignore that ruling.
  8. Hi, need some advice if possible its for a friend of mine, she filled in a form for a credit card back in 2001 filled the form in and post it back to the abbey national and in the form she ticked the yes box for the personal protection cover, she filled the form in the branch, now she tried to claim misold ppi but they have refused her twice as they claim by ticking the ppi box she understood it was optional and it was her decision to purches the ppi,, they also claim they sent out policy documents which confirmed the ppi sale and even if this had not happened they still
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