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  1. Hi, thanks for that, will get the agreements uploaded Will get her to submit a SAR request as well Many thanks
  2. Thanks for that, interesting reading She is in the process of checking her credit file and checking everything to see if she did receive a default notice I have drafted her a letter to request a full statement of account, so we can see what the charges are for, requested they put collection on hold as we dispute the amount owed, have asked they only communicate in writing, so hopefully gives us a bit of time to get all information together It seems the finance agreement was 5 years, 60 months, unbelievable, asked if she had put a down payment on it as the figures do
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply will try and answer all the questions, Finance company is motor nova? Collection agents were Anglia uk She is adamant she has received no paperwork, the only thing she was given when they collected the car was a vehicle collection report on the condition of the vehicle She says she did not sign anything, I am sure she would have been quiet distressed and emotional, she did explain to them she was a single parent and had recently had a baby All paperwork / agreements were registered at the correct address Thanks for all the information, they have of
  4. Hi, thanks for that, I will go and fetch the paperwork and check everything again. Not sure if she is up for a fight though, I just want to make sure that she pays the correct amount Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks, we accept she will have to settle but want to set up a reasonable payment plan, based on the circumstances they highlighted saying she could not afford the monthly payments, to send a letter asking for 3k immediately seems a bit unreasonable. Was trying to draft her a letter asking for a breakdown of how they arrived at this figure but did not want to make the situation worse Thanks
  6. Hi, no just asked her, she never signed anything, she gave the bloke the outstanding money in cash, the finance company called her went through her income, found out she has just had a baby and is on maternity leave, sent the bloke back who gave her the money back and took the car payments made were under half, she had paid 17 months of a 5 year agreement before missing the two Thanks oh and sorry it was parked on a public road Thanks
  7. Hi, was hoping someone can provide some advice for a family member, car was on finance, missed last 3 payments, did not receive any paperwork until debt collector arrived, offered to pay all monies owed as was an oversight, finance company refused to accept payment as stated monthly payments no longer affordable, car was taken immediately. A letter has just been received asking for an immediate payment of 3k or will be passed to debt collectors The offered payment would have taken payments over 1/3 of the agreement, we were given no other opportunity to
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