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  1. I spent £5 in B&Q and bought a set of 3 twelve inch hacksaw blades on my way over to help her.



    After a good 10 mins I'd cut through one side of the padlock.



    Unfortunately, it was the wrong side!



    I cut through the other and it fell off.



    Removed the clamp, chucked it in the boot and drove off with a fully working clamp...

  2. My wife took our car to her work today,

    parked in a bay that lets her stay for 3 hrs. S

    he works part time.



    Came back at dinnertime to find the car clamped with no note or stick left on the car and no identifying marks on the clamp apart from a "H" cut into it.


    She collared a warden who said it was nothing to do with him,

    and who checked with the local council,

    no record of them clamping the car.



    She checked with the police who checked the car was insured/taxed/MoT'd etc.

    They also contacted DVLA, and there was nothing outstanding, no warrants etc. (I'm sure I'd remember one).


    The Police advised us to cut it off, so we did.

    Should I expect any comeback and how should I deal with it??


  3. Hi, I took out a Barclaycard a long time ago and fell into arrears after a road traffic accident which happened about 20 yrs ago, then 3 yrs ago I had to leave my old job. At the time I put the payment down to £1/mth and I haven't contacted them again since.


    They have now credit searched me for which I have certainly never given them permission and they have come to the conclusion my situation has changed. Well it has. I am employed again, but have had to take the last 2 months off for cancer treatment.


    They are now threatening legal action if I don't contact them. The letter is dated 5th November, I rec'd it Friday the 11th and I've got 14 days from the 5th to talk to them.


    I really don't need any more stress at this point in my life and I don't want to have to phone and re-negotiate everything, because right now, I can't even afford the £1/mth I am paying them currently.


    What should I do?


    Many thanks in advance

  4. I've had a letter from Cabot for an old barclaycard I took out last century, and have been paying a small nominal amount since I left my previous job.


    What does prescribed terms mean?


    I also read elsewhere, asking for a copy of the CCA was an admission the debt was correct, is this true?


    I was considering asking them for this,

    as currently I am off work recovering from a serious illness and really do not want the stress of this.


    They have also credit searched me recently,


    I'm pretty sure that's not legal as I have certainly never given them permission to do so.

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