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  1. Thank you for your reply. I was informed by the consumer rights helpline that under the sale of goods act you are covered for 5 years and the goods should be off satisfactory quality and durable and fit for purpose. Due to this being our second sofa and due to the time its taken to arrange a repair we were to ask for a refund. The sofa and chair cost £1500 and was purchased on finance
  2. Hi I purchased a sofa from SCS back in 2012. The sofa delivered was faulty and after months off arguing we agreed to get a replacement sofa. Ordered January 2013 delivered May 2013. At end of june this year the springs gave way on the sofa and i called to claim under 10 yr warranty. I was told I had to pay £75 to get someone to inspect(as per T&cs)and if it was a manufacturing defect it will be repaired so arranged for July 15th . The Upholstery technician assessed the sofa and we got a letter on 25th july confirming the necessary parts were ordered taking 5-7 weeks. We waited 8 weeks and called to be told they will arrive 3rd october making it 10 weeks. I tried to pre book appointment for repair but i was told no. I had to call again on 4th october they confirmed the part was in then told me 3-4 weeks before they can come to repair. i was not happy and asked for a callback from a manager. no call back so i contacted Consumer rights. I have put it in writing to the CEO of SCS and requested a refund under the sale of goods act1979 to which i got a cheeky letter back stating it was not a manufacturing defect but general wear and tear but made the desicion to assist in a repair and to contact to arrange a repair within 21 days or they are closing the case. HELP where do i go now as i checked and the are not registered with the furniture ombusman:-x:-x:-x
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