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  1. The post above is a copy of a conversation typed through facebook chat and I have a copy of the letter to reject the car with signed delivery receipts. The letter was as it follows: Dear Sir Ref: **04 *** Vauxhall Zafira On 31/10/16 I purchased, and took delivery of, the above vehicle Vauxhall Zafira from you. On 07/11/16*I discovered that it was not of satisfactory quality: complete loss of coolant/antifreeze. Despite my attempts of explaining to you over the phone on Monday the 07/11/16 this issue wasn't resolved. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 requires dealers to supply goods of satisfactory quality, and The Consumer Rights Act 2015 requires dealers to supply goods of satisfactory quality. However, the vehicle is clearly unroadworthy. You are therefore in breach of contract. I am legally entitled to reject the vehicle and to be reimbursed for its full purchase price of £500. I look forward to receiving this sum within 14 days. If you fail to reimburse me I shall have no alternative but to issue a claim against you in the county court for recovery of the money without further reference to you. Yours faithfully,
  2. This is the email I sent to the admin: Regarding the car dealer of the used car I bought gone wrong, he hasn't sent me a written notification of refusal of my rejection of the car. After looking on local groups on facebook I found the registered director of Haris Motors Sales Ltd (based in Middlesbrough) and contacted him directly to have some sore of written communication. Here is the conversation I had with him yesterday: me: I understand you got my letter regarding rejecting the zafira I bought of your sales court last Monday, as I messaged your staff I made arrangements to return the car tomorrow. Can you please confirm if my refund will be available also tomorrow?Many thanks. Haris MS No am sorry there will be no refund. You have bought a car for £500 that is fully road legal and road worthy. We reject Your request and will not be refunding you as we haven't a valid reason to. We have also sent the log book off so your are now the legal owner. We are here to work with our customers but in this case we believe you have been sold a vehicle in good faith which more than meets all the necessary requirements. I am sorry we couldn't help further. If there's is anything else we can help with please ask. Please do not return the vehicle as we are not held responsible for its security. Thanks Haris motor sales me: As I explained in my letter, the car has lost all its coolant whilst parked on my drive, I haven't drove it. I explained this also to your staff and he wanted to come to my address to topup the coolant which wouldn't help as the car has a fault and doesn't hold the coolant. I'm trying to follow current legislation to return the car as I have the right to do so within 30 days of the purchase as you also know. The car is not road worthy as without coolant it will overheat, therefore I'm returning it using special transport without driving it. Haris MS Yes you said it didn't have anti freeze/engine coolant in or not enough. We Believe it has had it IN if not we have offered to correct your alleged problem. I am sorry but we reject your refund request and will not be accepting the vehicle when you send it and will not be responsible for its safety / security etc. How ever as a good will gesture for your peace of mind we can send some1 to top your water up which is usually a check that all drivers must do. Thanks me: I already did so, toped up 3 times within the week the car was parked, I really don't want to create a bigger issue of this dispute, I purchased the car in good faith also, accepting the wear and tear on the car body and other minor faults, but the car not holding the coolant is not to be expected and is a major fault. me: I'd be even willing to purchase another car at Haris motors as I do need one urgently. Haris MS I will contact u tomorow me: thank you I had transport booked for today to take the car back there but canceled it because I took his comments as a threat and the car would be damaged beyond repair and he hasn't been in contact today, as expected. It's a zafira from 2004, low budget car as I can't afford to pay much more, his reluctance to inspect the car tells me there's something very wrong with it. Please advise? I found in the companies house the record for the business and sent 2 letters to reject the car: one to the forecourt where the cars are kept and another to the directors address. Inline image The letter sent to the directors address was signed as received by his wife.. connection I made through facebook because they have different surnames. Many thanks.
  3. Contacting a local garage to make a report would be suficient to confirm the fault and serve it to the dealer?
  4. I'm meeting one last time at the car sales place tomorrow for a solution, thank you for all the good advice. If no positive outcome from this last attempt I will pursue it further and not mentioning the name of the dealer was not to get in trouble with public image damaging.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I have to say the car V5 has already returned in my name, can I still make the dealer liable for damage or charge for storage if kept in my drive?
  6. I purchased a used car last week on Monday and realized the car doesn't hold coolant whilst parked on my drive. After contacting the car dealer he offered to topup the coolant which I said I did and didn't work, none was left on the expansion tank after a couple days. Yesterday I sent the letters to reject the car and arranged a transport to take the car tomorrow but the car dealer has told me today he won't take the car back and he won't be responsible for any damages on the car on his site. What can I do..!
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