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  1. I wanted to give a quick update on my situation, as things have finally reached a conclusion. Link Financial have closed my account!! It took six months of ignoring them completely, but eventually they have given up. I want to thank you all of those who have offered their advice here, and also to encourage anybody going through the same thing to persevere and to trust what the guys here have to say. I will say that I was worried throughout, because you just don't know how serious their threats are, but in the end the advice I was given here was absolutely spot on. Thank you all once again.
  2. Hi, here is yet another letter from Link, received yesterday (27th March, although dated 23rd). This one is just demanding money, but the last letter I received threatened court action and passing information on to the credit reference agencies - can they do either of these things? I can ignore letters easily, but I'm worried about the legitimacy of their threats. Link 23.03.17x.pdf
  3. Hi DX100 Noddle tells me that the Link Financial account was opened on the 19th July 2009 and the status is up to date with OK monthly status between October 2016 to present, despite me not having paid them anything. The closed Barclaycard account does not show up anywhere on Noddle. I checked the closed accounts and open accounts.
  4. Thank you. In that case I will ignore it. I was wondering if they can carry out their threat of intended action - commencing court proceedings & informing Credit Reference Agencies of the 'default'. Its strange. According to my Clearscore report, there is a Link Financial account with an account open date of 19th July 2009 (the date the original account was opened with Barclays). When I check to see the paymeny history, there is a full payment record all the way back to feb 2013 with no missed payments. When I check the closed accounts section, there is the Barclays account, opened on 19th July 2009, last updated October 2016, with no payments on the account between March 2014 and May 2015.
  5. Hi, Please help! I received this letter from Link yesterday. Do I ignore it, or do I need to send them something? Thank you in advance. Link 10.02.17x.pdf
  6. Andy Thank you very much. I will ignore them gladly! How long though do you think they will persist?
  7. Well, the photocopied letter from Barclaycard (which is addressed to me, although it has clearly been sent directly to Link) states that they 'enclose a reconstituted copy your credit agreement together with a copy of the terms of your credit agreement.." However, as my links show, all they sent were copies of the terms only. There is no actual agreement form at all. It would seem to me that they haven't complied at all?
  8. Thank you Andy for your response. So, if I am understanding everything correctly, what they have sent me is absolutely fine and they have fulfilled their obligation to my request? If that is the case, where do I stand now? Do I have to start paying them? Your last line states: "Provided that the creditor makes it clear that it accepts that the agreement is unenforceable pending compliance with section 78, there is nothing further which the debtor needs to do at that time." Does this apply to me?
  9. Hi Yesterday, (2nd Feb) I received a letter from Link in response to my CCA. This is obviously well outside of the allowed time period. What they have sent me is a covering letter suggesting that my request has been fulfilled and their obligations are now fulfilled. Accompanying this is a photocopied letter from Barclaycard, dated 19th January, and several photocopied pages of an agreement between myself and Barclays, although NOT signed by me; and a 'statement of account' from Link demanding full payment. Have they provided enough evidence to show that I should be paying them anything? What should I do next? Thanks in advance , the payment agreement with Barclaycard started in summer 2012 after I lost my job at the time. They passed the debt on to Link late last year, which is when I started looking for advice here. However any credit agreement with Barclaycard would have started when I initially got the credit card, would it not? I would need to look that date up unfortunately. Link 02.02.17 .pdf
  10. I've actually saved the voicemail message. The young lady gives her name, says she's from Link, and gives a phone number to be contacted on. The voicemail header information states that the call came from an unknown number. Proof enough?
  11. Hi. Haven't heard anything from Link until last night. I had a phone call from a withheld number, which I didn't answer. A message was left by a young lady from Link asking me to call them. Should I call them? And should they even be calling me?
  12. I don't know IF there is a next step. Thats why I'm here - seeking (gratefully received) advice and assurances. I have absolutely no intention of paying these people a single penny. However, according to my Clearscore account, I now have a Link Financial account open. If they have no legal right to demand money from me, then surely I have a right to have this account closed or removed from my file? Would that not be a next step?
  13. I appreciate that, I was just trying to ascertain if there is a next step to follow, or whether I sit back and do nothing.
  14. So, having sent the CCA on the 11th November, my recorded delivery was received and signed for on the 16th. It is now well over the 12 days in which I had to receive a response, and I have heard or received nothing. Where do I stand now, and what, if anything, should my next move be? Thank you in advance.
  15. Thank you dx once again. I sent the CCA last night, but this morning I've realised that I have made a mistake. There is a section in the letter template that you should only delete if you are sending to the original creditor. I misread this and deleted it. As Link are not the original creditor, have I made a critical error? Should I send it again with that paragraph reinstated?
  16. Thank you for the response. I will send this off tonight. What should I expect from Link when they receive this? https://cse.google.co.uk/cse?cx=partner-pub-0964707606882478:652l7hswbgv&ie=UTF-8&q=Barclay+card+assigned+debt+to+link+financial+&sa=Search+CAG#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Barclay%20card%20assigned%20debt%20to%20link%20financial&gsc.page=1
  17. Hi, This is my first post here, so forgive me if I am covering old ground. I have a Barclaycard debt of just over £1500, that unfortunately went into default when I lost my job a few years back. I had been paying BC an agreed amount of £22 per month ever since without any problems. However, I recently received a letter from BC telling me that they had assigned the debt to Link Financial and that I should now make payments to them. I haven't done anything so far, as I have read in various places that I shouldn't have to pay anyone other than the company I owed originally. Is this the case? I have read about sending them three templated letters followed by an Estoppel notice - is this the correct course of action to take? I also understand that they could have bought the debt at a greatly reduced cost - should I offer something like £250 to try and settle the debt? Or, is everything I've read false and I should just start to make payments to Link in the future? I'm getting unbelievably frustrated with the worry of this, but I don't want to pay anyone who's not entitled to it. Surely if BC are prepared to take a far smaller amount to settle the debt, they should offer this to the person owing the debt first?
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