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  1. Other than the road being curved to ''force'' you to trun left, the clear turn left sign painted on the ground, the clear turn left sign at the junction and the clear turn left sign opposite the junction - there seems to be no warning of whether you can turn right or not. Are you kidding ? If you could not see any of that information, you worry me. Will you spot a child walking in front of your car?
  2. That's the way to do it: 1. Buy car from dogy dealer 2. Car breaks down 3. Ask for advise here 4. You are advised you can get a refund as you are entitled. 5. IGNORE them, keep the car and get your garage to fix it. What exactly was the point of asking for advice if you intend to ignore that advice?
  3. Anyone can film anyone else in a public place. Completely legal.
  4. OMG. I think I know you! Are you that bloke with the black curly teeth that walks with a lisp? Long curly hair all the way down you back, none on your head though? I was getting confused in my old age. I was right about the legal bit. Bottom line is a great sound car (Behringer FCA610) and does what I need it to. Now all I have to do is learn C++ from scracth in a couple of weeks and I will be a millionaire by this time next year (If I move to Venezuala).
  5. There is an earth. It is a large planet and we are on it. That's as close as I will get to saying I may, possibly, perhaps, might have, it is feasible that I got that bit not 100% spot on.
  6. So, now the item has arrived. Brand new in sealed box from reputable retailer BAX. But, as expected the cable for the power supply unit is an EU cable (2 pin) and the supplied (not fitted) adapter is just one you plug into. Unlike many behringer products, this one does have a removeable power chord (figure of 8 type) so I can simply use a UK cable. BUT the point is that even if the retailer is not in the UK (even though the website does everything to convince you that they are), the law is clear on this now I have done my research and the item must be supplied with either a UK cable
  7. I referred to the WRONG website in my original post, my error. It is bax-shop.co.uk. My apologies It is not a directory at all. It is an online shop with a physical warehouse of their own stock, started in 2005 by the Bax brothers. It is a retailer.
  8. THANK YOU! This answers my question: Taken from Annex E as above: Q) Can I supply an electrical appliance fitted with a non-UK plug (such as a European style plug) provided I supply a travel adaptor? A) If the appliance is within the scope of regulation 11 then it must be supplied fitted with a standard plug or fitted with a conversion plug. The definitions explain the difference between a conversion plug and an adaptor. An adaptor is not a conversion plug. Q) Can I supply an electrical appliance fitted with a non-UK plug (such as a European style
  9. The item is originally from Behringer, which is a well known and respected manufacturer based in Germany. It may well be made in China, but to the German specifiactions. Behringer products that use a power supply pack always have a moulded on plug. So, to rectify this to my satisfaction I would have to cut off that plug and fit my own. That in itself is callsed as 'tampering, alteration, modfifying' and breaches the warranty. Hence I will not do so.
  10. I beg to differ. The fact that they sell anything to me in relation to a business makes them a retailer by definition. The facts that they list their address as the UK and use a .co.uk web address all suggest they are a UK based company. As a consumer I have no way of knowing if they are an Ebay or Amazon type link unless they either tell me, or tell me who I am actually buying from. The Paypal payment went to ''Payment to Bax-shop'. ALL I am actually concerned about is whether it is supposed to be fitted with a standard UK 3 pin plug for the mains. That is all.
  11. NO! It should but will not have a standard UK 3 pin mains AC plug.
  12. The item is new and is supplied with an external power supply (wall wart in the buisness). This has a moulded EU plug on the end of the built in power cable. IF I cut that plug off, the warranty goes of the window. So, I will not be doing that! From what I have just been reading in regard to 2 pin plugs and the UK, it is illegal to sell an item TO the UK as well as in the UK unless it has a BS standard 3 pin plug fitted. Perhaps someone can confirm that for me?
  13. Can anyone clarify this for me please? A brand new electrical item purchased online from a company showing a UK address with .co.uk website tells me in an email sent invoice (sent the day after purchase and sending) that the item is supplied with a EU plug and one of those plastic white adapters. At no point before this was I aware the company or location was anything other than UK. The item is being dispatched from Netherlands. If you go to their website http://www.bax.co.uk, they never once mention they are not a UK business. Even the postage is listed as Parcelforce, but in realit
  14. I have discovered that ALL new televisions sold by Tesco in April 2014 were on a special promotion for the world cup. As such they were all sold with a free 5 year warranty with square trade. So, if you have a TV from Tesco that has packed up, check your purchase date carefully. It does not matter if you have the receipt still if you paid by card they can confirm the purchase date as long as you can say which store and the date purchased. I hope this helps at least one person out!
  15. UPDATE Tesco initially were very encouraging in their response on the phone, but that quickly deteriorated into the usual UK 'sorry about that' lack of promised call backs over several days. They point blank refused to communicate via e-mail, something I am taking up with them as I am partially deaf and found it very obstructive to be forced to deal with this on the phone. On insisting on speaking with a manager (that turned out to be a supervisor instead) I was initially told 'it is outside the 12 month warranty'. Once I mentioned that under EU law, all new electrical products must
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