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  1. This is very interesting: http://www.edie.net/news/6/UK-generated-50-percent-energy-from-low-carbon-and-renewables-in-q3-2016-according-to-drax/
  2. How does this effect Good Energy then who claim 100% renewable? The 4 bullets would apply to them too, would they not?
  3. Thanks silverfox1961, In regards to that supplier, they only supply renewables. What about the smaller suppliers that aren't 100% green - what're their fuel-mix disclosures?
  4. I've just done some searches as you requested - and can't find anything. I think this is great from Andy Pilley and BES Utilities - I can't find any other supplier that has improved their renewable output. But this thread seems to focus on the negatives... it's a shame.
  5. Your second post on this thread featured 4 links to anti-BES content. But you can't send me one link to any other supplier and their news on renewable activities? You're asking me to do it myself? I came here for a discussion on a news story I came across, and how other suppliers are responding. But I've been given negative, unrelated links to anti-BES websites/articles... What's going on here? This is very concerning. Customers can't be "fully informed" if you're only talking about half the story... :/
  6. Do you have any links to the other suppliers regarding their renewable activity?
  7. A lot of companies have been subject to investigations, and still are (search 'ofgem current investigations') They may have a bad reputation because of their past, but this is a step in the right direction. I can't seem to find any recent news about other suppliers doing anything similar or acting on this, maybe you can point me in the right direction? It seems people only highlight the negatives, even in a positive BES new story - and don't look across the industry.
  8. The first two are obvious, to me, the fact it was third is quite surprising... Location? History?
  9. Again, you're just posting links to negative articles... are you purposely trying to drive viewers and users to negative sites on a positive thread? Can we discuss the other supplies and how much electricity they supply from renewable sources? Can we discuss, in the light of the recent bad press (as you have kindly pointed out several times), that this is a positive move... Or are you instructed/programmed to post negative links/comments whenever you see the name BES Utilities?
  10. Thanks for that - I fail to see what relevance this has regarding renewable energy... ? My question's aim was to discuss supplying electricity via renewable energy and the fact BES is miles ahead of the national average... Why are you so sharp to change the topic and post negative articles regarding a positive subject... and indeed BES Utilities in general? Keep them comments to their relevant threads/websites.
  11. Taken from the BES Utilities website: This is positive news, what do we think?
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