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  1. There is finally a happy ending to this. On Friday morning I went to the LA and made it clear that I wanted a deadline by the following week, after which I wanted to pull out at zero cost, otherwise I would have held them responsible for the costs incurred in case the letting had fallen through, and was going to seek legal advice in order to safeguard my interests. Then I rang in the afternoon, and they said "Ironically, the moment you walked out of the office, the landlord's wife called saying he'd been ill and working very long shifts, and apologised for not signing earlier" (BTW, typically
  2. The agreement with the LA does say that if I pull out I lose the holding deposit. I went in person this morning and discussed the issue. They said it never happened to them to have such a situation (i.e. landlord disappearing right before signing). I asked that they set a deadline for mid next week so that I can pull out without incurring into any cost. The guy took a note but not sure they are gonna let me do that, the Agreement unfortunately says if I pull out i will lose the holding deposit. However I made it clear that they are not providing the service I am paying for, i.e. mediating betw
  3. I spoke to the agency today. All the money I have paid is with them, so it is not in the hands of a yet-unknown landlord, in the worst case scenario it shouldn't be difficult to get it back, apart from maybe the holding deposit and admin fee. As for the landlord being on holiday, I find it quite weird that he accepts the offer, signs the terms of business with the agency, and then does not mention that he is going to disappear for some time, with no access to email. Whatever the reason for his disappearance, if he does not sign in time i am screwed. The question for me now is whether
  4. The agency they have 60 offices in london, I don't think they pose any default risk ATM. They actually requested a smaller holding deposit when the offer got accepted to take it off the market, then they went through referencing via an agency called home let, after which they asked me to pay the rest and said the contract should arrive within a matter of days. To be honest I tend to believe they are in good faith, what I find very suspicious is that they have been trying to contact the landlord for a week now and he is not returning any call.
  5. I paid so early because the add came on in mid October (for occupancy as of 11 December). Then it took about 10 days for the offer to be accepted and going through references, after which they asked to pay one month + 6 weeks for deposit + fees, which I did on 25 october.
  6. Is there any action that I can take to get the agency to put some pressure on the landlord? What happens if eventually he does not sign even the day before the move-in date? I guess I am getting everything back but then I will be home-less...
  7. Hello, I am due to move into my new flat on 11 December. I made an offer for it over three weeks ago, which was accepted by the landlord on 18 October (3 weeks ago). I then went successfully through reference checking and all that, and on 25 October (16 days ago) I made the payment for the first month of rent and the six-week deposit, plus various fees (in total circa £4500). The issue is that, as of today, the landlord has not yet signed the contract; the lettings agency say they are trying to get a hold of him but he is not returning their calls, the last time they spoke to him wa
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