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  1. Slick actually said visit? Right sent the letter today so will wait and see what happens I guess Thanks for the help, will let you know how it goes if they get back to me.
  2. I have used that one but changed the gym and price of things and town etc... what happens if there is then no reply to this?
  3. I went yesterday after work and was told that I can't settle the payment with them it needs to go through Harlands. What happens now then i send them a letter? or email?
  4. Ok then super I shall try this letter today and see how it goes ! Thanks for the help so far much appreciated.
  5. 1. What gym you used. Fit4less Oldbury f4l.com/oldbury 2. What was the monthly fee. £19.99 3. Did you join online; or did you join in the gym on their system; or did a staff member take you through the sign-up process and input your details. I went into the gym and joined member took me through the sign-up process and did everything basically 4. Were you on a monthly no-contract agreement or a 6 or 12 month minimum agreement. I was on a monthly no-contract agreement. There is no T&C's on there website or none that I can see. When i joined/signed up I was never shown anything either. I will go to another gym in fact I could probably go to the same gym and ask as they wouldn't know who i was anyway. Will keep you updated probably be tomorrow as working all day today. thanks for the quick reply
  6. I joined this gym in May 2016 went for about 2/3 weeks before things changed and i stopped going 5 months later I realise I am still paying my direct debit which is totally my fault as i simply forgot to cancel it. October 2016 I cancel it after the payment came out £19.99. Funny enough I get a letter through the door a day or 2 later saying that your direct debit had been cancelled we see this as a mistake. Please get in touch with us to reinstate your direct debit. (Amazing that I have been paying for the past 5 months and not going at all but never got a letter to see what was happening but money stops and bang they are there) I simply ignored this letter because i did not wish to carry on my membership. 2 days ago i received another letter saying that I have missed my payment for November 2016 due to this payment being missed you have incurred a £20 admin charge which leaves my account in arrears by £39.99. In the letter it says we remind you that under the terms of your membership you need to provide 1 months notice and therefore make another payment. Failure to do so will result in further action. Now I do not think i should have to pay anything I never signed a contract, never saw any terms and conditions nothing. The website even says no contract, in fact when I signed up I told the person I only wanted 1 month. now i am not sure what I should do, do i just ignore these letters? or just pay to get them off my backs? I have until the 16th November to get in touch with them. Thanks Josh.
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