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  1. My wife lost her job over 3and a half years ago, after having a nervous breakdown. She now suffers from depression, has anxiety attacks and has agoraphobia. she has been suicidal and has other health problems. When she lost her job, she was assessed (by a woman who could hardly speak a word of English, at Five Ways House in Birmingham) and had Contribution based ESA for almost 12 months. As a consequence of her poor assessment, she wasn't put in any group. Since her contribution based ESA has ended, she receives nothing in the way of benefits, as she isn't entitled, as she doesn't sign on. The ESA pays her "Stamp". Now they are saying that she has to attend another assessment meeting, so that they can continue to pay her "Stamp". I have contacted Maximus and the benefits agency and I have explained how stressful this is for her,in several phone calls, and have asked for a home assessment, but they won't give her one, unless I pay her GP for a letter stating that she needs a "Home visit". Maximus are the "new" ATOS. They said that they had sent a form to my GP, which when they got it back, they said that my GP had said my wife was perfectly capable of attending the assessment. Something that my GP's practice secretary and legal secretary have denied. I requested a copy of this form from them and am still waiting. Now my wife has been sent a BF223(ESA) form for her to fill in, stating why she didn't attend etc, etc! I phoned again, and was told that unless I get a letter from my wifes GP, she will be sent a new appointment date, AND NO HOME VISIT! This is making her feel worse and that's the last thing she or I need at the moment. Why should I have to do this? Is there anything I can do, so my wife gets her home visit? All or any help will be greatly appreciated.
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