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  1. As soon as I found out this wasn't right I did contact the bank, and they did nothing Now I'm left with this CIFAS marker against me. The bank were useless
  2. I really don't want anything back, I just want this CIFAS marker removed so I can carry on with my sad little life hassle free with no bank account closing, bills not being paid because of it! It's ruined my my life right now
  3. Also does anyone know if this will effect my family? All this started while I lived In my own place, Iv since moved home then the CIFAS marker was placed against me, I hope to god it doesn't effect my parents too
  4. I'm just really scared that this is going to ruin my life! I'm going to try what you all have suggested but if no luck with that I don't know what I'm going to do
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm never imnvesting in anything again though
  6. A friend of mine had invested about 6 months before me so i got made aware of it from my friend!
  7. I did check there before, I couldn't see anything , I thought maybe because his company was made up and he's a crook he wouldn't be on there, isn't that just for real companies? Or for scams too?
  8. Also Iv been to the financial ombudsman, but Iv been told not to go to them just yet, is this correct?
  9. Brilliant! Thank you! Only thing, how do I get a crime ref number from police if they don't listen to me and just send to action Fraud? Or Is the ref number I have from the good enough?
  10. Police just directed me to Fraud action line, they sent me a letter saying they didn't have enough evidence to continue with my case. I have just sent a formal complaint to B*****ys bank awaiting a response! I don't have any idea how I would go about talking to an MP or what they'd be able to do. I was even thinking of going to BBC watchdog for help??
  11. I'm left looking like the criminal. I'm fuming! Innocent people become a victim of fraud then they are accused of being the fraudster because no one can track the real fraudster There's 20 of us who invested money in this, surely there's enough there to go after him or her whoever the fraudster is
  12. End of last year I invested £1,000 into a Binary Trading Account. Over time my profits built up on my online account after a few months I requested a withdrawal of $2,000. A few weeks had gone by and I hadn't received my withdrawals and neither had the others who invested money. We were getting excuses from the trader that the IRS (USA inland revenue) are saying we should be paying tax, we all agreed to pay tax but still no withdrawal. All of a sudden a few more weeks later I had a message on Facebook from the trader asking if I can confirm I have £10,050 in my bank account, I checked and it was there. I asked him what it was for and he said sorry that amount was put in your account by mistake it was only meant to be £1100 which was my withdrawal. he told me keep my £1100 and forward the rest on to the UK finance Director for the other investors. I done this and didn't think anything of it. A couple of weeks after I had a letter from my bank saying the money is being recalled I spoke to the Binary trader to ask him why, he said it wasn't his company doing it, but he'll look into it. Didn't get anything back from him. At the same time I spoke to my bank and said this money was mine from my binary trading account transferred from USA, they replied that this money came from the UK. When I went back to the trader and questioned him about it he said tell your bank the he (trader) will pay the money back, as he didn't want me getting involved in all of this. I questioned him about what was going on and didn't get a straight answer I immediately attended the local police station who directed me to action fraud, reported it to my bank that I believe this man is a fraudster and can they investigate it, I didn't get anywhere! I phoned on a number of occasions and they kept replying with the same "why do you believe this is fraud". A few weeks later I had a letter from Fraud action line saying there wasn't enough evidence but they may open case again if more evidence comes to light, which I was gutted about! I wasn't getting anywhere! All of a sudden 3 months after trying to get my bank to investigate this fraud they decide to block my account while I was stranded 27 miles away from home in a petrol station unable to pay. The investigation goes on for a while I then get a letter saying my bank is closing my account, I wasn't too fussed as I had a guts full of them when I went to them for help! Went to my new bank account, carried on with my life I get a letter my new bank are closing my account! My old bank have placed a CIFAS marker against me despite sending them ALL evidence from contract of binary trading, conversations from the trader making me believe it was all genuine binary trading, but they have labelled me as a fraudster while the real fraudster is getting away with it! What can I do next?! I need to get this CIFAS marker removed it's ruining my life! I just don't know what to do. Someone please help Thank you x * what I can gather from what imformation I have found out is that someone was purchasing something from a company (value of £10,050) and somehow the fraudster hacked this persons account and sent it to mine and made me believe it was my trading profits.
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