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  1. Hi guys thanks in advance for any replys, all help appreciated.


    I received a letter through the post to state that I had been charged with the offence of being the registered keeper of an uninsured motor vehicle.



    The letter I received was sent to my old address (mums house), stating that I either need to reply guilty or not guilty etc to the above offence.


    The vehicle in question was my old car that was left at my mums on the driveway for her to scrap/sell,

    I had moved the insurance from this car onto my new car so at this point the car was uninsured.



    Due to the car being in the way my mum had moved the car onto the road,

    I'm not sure whether this is why I have been charged with the offence or whether it doesn't matter if it's on the road etc?


    Next question is



    I'm sure I never received a fixed penalty notice for the offence,

    I pick up my post once every couple of months from my mum address

    some things I still haven't changed address on,



    is this a legitimate defence to ask the dvla if they can revert back to this stage as I no longer live at the address so didn't receive notification of the offence and the fine I had to pay ( which if I'm in the wrong I'm happy to pay)


    If it is not a defence that I am no longer living at the address and the dvla are not willing to revert back to the fixed penalty notice stage what is my best bet moving forward?



    Shall I plead guilty to the offence and provide this information in mitagating circumstances to the court?



    If this is the case what sort of punishment is likely for the offence and would this constitute a criminal record.


    Any help or advice greatly appreciated

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