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  1. When it happened the companies we're informed that they were fraudulent applications and unfortunately werent interested unless reported to the police. The signatures are invalid and nothing progressed. Will send CCA to establish detail and revert back. Thanks for your assistance
  2. Thanks, Yes my sister has dealt with all the Debt Agencies and makes the monthly £1 payment. Will send of CCA as the debt has bounced between agencies and the figure is over £20k. My Dad has no way of paying this or any assets, doesnt even dry and is housing association accommodation.
  3. Evening CAG, sorry if this is long but let me try and shorten it for you. 10 Years ago by devious brother opened Credit Cards, Loans, Mobile phones in my dads name and left him with the debt. It hit the debt agencies and my sister agreed to pay £1 a month to each of them. As this is over ten years old, is there anyway we can have these put aside, my Dad is 70 in December and hates having this hanging over his head.
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