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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your advice so far. I have submitted an SAR along with an initial complaint letter to The Claims Guys (I won't post here but happy to share the text of the letter with anyone by direct message/email). I listed 5 issues/factors where I felt we had legitimate complaints (including Clause 3c as above - thanks cjcregg) have received a reply from them summarising our concerns and asking for time to investigate them. I believe that they have 8 weeks to investigate according to the Legal Ombudsman and I have informed them that we will be raisi
  2. Thanks dx100uk. I saw that thread earlier and it gave me a little hope that we might be able to do this. Her situation was a bit different so we'll have to see what happens I suppose. Either way, I'm pretty much thinking that we will stall them as long as possible, SAR, complaints through their own process and to the FOS or Claims Management Regulator, until they actually take us to court or back down and offer us a discounted figure or write it off like the other thread. The only thing I'm concerned about is what they are entering on our credit file, although the damage is p
  3. Thanks for your reply BankFodder. I was thinking about doing an SAR so I will get straight on to that. Hopefully that will answer a lot of the other questions you posed, e.g. what he signed and what was agreed. With regards to the duress, I have a letter from them which arrived this morning containing a questionnaire and letter of authority for yet another company (Capital One). In a big red box halfway down the page it says: Important: we require an individual Lender Questionnaire and Letter of Authority for each PPI policy we locate; therefore please complete an
  4. My husband recently engaged The Claims Guys to do a free PPI check for him (much to my horror) and surprise, surprise, they are now demanding payment of over £2000 for the first compensation pay-out (30% plus VAT). I object strongly to paying these jokers anything at all, but despite interrogating my husband, I can't seem to work out how they got from free check to binding contract. I believe he only signed letters of authority for 2 companies (he can't remember which ones) but we have already been contacted by 3 companies so I really don't know what is going on.
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