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  1. would i have to apply to the court to get the " consent order to remove the charges." ? ( assuming i can get them to agree ) and yes i will be contacting OB about you pointed out
  2. Not sure how an agreement can be made with the others, if the property is sold at market price, the other charge holders stand to receive almost nothing so why would they agree? i/they can't make the property worth more than its market value. On the other hand, if i just stop paying , hand the keys back (as in go down the Voluntary Repossession route) the primary mortgage holder can sell the property without recourse to the other chargeholders so they (the other chargeholders) will end with nothing anyway, i would imagine.
  3. also, is there anything else i can do ( see original post) as i really just want to sell this property now ( in case the ombudsman service can't do much for me)
  4. thanks for that.. what i dont know at this time is all the dates involved , all i know was that a) the props were taken after default, b) they were then up for sale and c) i ended up with charges to do with the shortfall for sure i've had no contact with them for over 6 years now
  5. The actual possessions were over 6 years ago, not sure exactly. I would have to check as to when they finally sold/completed , but the charges only appeared 18 months ago
  6. Andy, the BTL props were possessed by the lender after the mortgages were defaulted on. ( Long story (personal), not really relevant now , fact is they all ended up in default) Then they were sold very quickly at way under market price, hence the shortfall on each BTL property there were actually 2 separate lenders , one had 2 props, the other had 2 props as well How they managed, i'm not sure , i wasnt living in the private residence property at the time, that was rented out, i was living in cheaper (rented) accommodation but they managed to turn unsecured shortfall debt into secured charges ( the courts just rubber stamp almost anything as regards to mortgages/charges i've been told)
  7. Hello, i'm new here having only just discovered this site I have a residential property with a mortgage in only my name which is all upto date with no arrears. there is about £145,000 equity in it. However i have 4 other charges on the property ( so total 5 inc initial lender) these 4 arose out of BTL props that "went wrong", banks sold the properties off way cheap, leaving shortfall debt which they then turned into secured charges. the total of the shortfall debt is approx £390,000, yes i know , its huge, ( as i said the banks gave the props away) so i have £145k equity v £390k shortfall some questions: If i try and sell the property what will happen? ( from a maths point of view if i did sell the property the 1st (Original) and 2nd chargeholder would be paid in full but there would no be anything left for the others) and if i try sell the property, can the 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th chargeholder block it? what else could i do? TIA
  8. ok thanks, think that just about clears it up...
  9. ok, thanks mercyblue but what could i do IF i was to find out ( guess i will need to speak to the court) that there was never a hearing to make the order final?
  10. i thought i had already answered that with post #8, --- when and who got repo? - The (my) property was possesed nearly 8 years ago, it was sold on to who knows who at a big discount by the bank who got the CCJ and when? -i got the CCJ for the shortfall debt about 7 years ago who got the ICO/CO and when? - the Interim CO happed shortly after the CCJ ( i dont recal the exact timeframe between the two) i dont yet know if there was a final CO as it is not showing up on the Land Registry
  11. it wasnt my post (#6) but whose names are you refering to?
  12. The prop was possesed nearly 8 years ago, i got the CCJ for the shortfall debt about 7 years ago, the Interim CO happed shortly after the CCJ ( i dont recal the exact timeframe between the two)....and i've heard nada from anyone since
  13. shortfall debt from another property, yes there was a CCJ involved, 7 or 8 years ago i think ( i was told you cant get an Interim CO without a CCJ in place)
  14. ok, so i have had a Interim CO on there for nearly 7 years, and have heard nothing from the Judgement creditor during this time.. surely there must be some statute legislation that i can use to get it removed? or do something about it?
  15. i have a property with an Interim Charging Order on it, how long before a final charging order has to be made? and what happens if no order is made within that ( what ever it is) time period? -- thanks !
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