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  1. Speaking from experience they do go legal. They will settle for either the original amount borrowed or less. One of their agents is the most obnoxious bullies I have ever spoken too. Spoke with Chris who was quite up front saying about what would happen next and admitted at court he would likely only get the original amount back due to interest being borderline illegal and highly immoral. Get any F&F offer in writing.
  2. I fully appreciate they are unlikely to send anyone out, however I do not want to take that chance no matter how low. I am thinking a formal complaint around how a vulnerable situation was not dealt with in regards to them hanging up the phone. There seems to only be two people working on their phones from a little digging I've done so must be a small time company. How would I go about obtaining a contact email or number for the higher ups as these clowns are ignorant bullies who have threatened me moreso than any of the countless other DCA I've had and I think the only way they'll listen is through the bosses. On a side note, the guy today said they would settle my account at £150 if I wanted. Desperation for a loan that wasn't affordable. DM also seem to have ceased trading?
  3. Phoned in a moment of panic... I don't want anyone turning up as I no longer live there. It is my parents property. They sent the CCA along with the first email they sent. Anything further I can do?
  4. Hi all, United Kash have again emailed to suspend collections activities for 7 days. 2 hours later they text saying a field agent WILL be to my home within 7 days. There will be a wake and burial from that property in the next 7 days and in a moment of panic I called them to explain the situation and stop. They said they believed me to be pulling wool over their eyes and that he believes the visit will go ahead. I asked for some leniency in light of the wake and he said I was wasting his time and hung up the phone. Does someone have a contact for the CEO or director or some form of management as this will result in a sad situation becoming stressful and upsetting. Any help would be appreciated. I do not want to ignore them in case someone visits but they are unwilling to talk unless I pay the alleged debt. Thanks.
  5. Just got a text from them. They're arranging for a debt recovery officer to call out within 14 days.. how do I stop this? Or is it another empty threat?
  6. My only worry is them applying to court without my knowing of, and getting a summons letter. I do understand though it is unlikely. Just never had an instance of such aggressiveness from them.
  7. It was my only loan with DM. I was in a bad way with late payments and defaults when they completed their checks. Also final response from them three years ago was rejected and I did not escalate. Is there any way of getting them to look at it again?
  8. An update: Received a final reminder letter from United Kash. Basically it says they have written to me before with no reply and the next stage may be litigation action. Goes on to say any additional costs will have be payable by me if judgement is found in their favour. They've then offered 25% off the total owed as an offer of F&F settlement to end any possible litigation action. Finally it states I can make an offer or complete I&E. Another empty threat? By far the most aggressive Debt Purchaser letter I've ever seen.
  9. With DM I didn't escalate after the final response so no. And haven't escalated the final response from United Kash as they didn't acknowledge or reply to my whole complaint. Still within the 6 months.
  10. Haven't done a CCA. Ok I'll run through everything. Took the loan with DM in 2013 for £150. Did not pay it back as I had then lost my job and prioritised other debts over this. Didn't hear anything until June this year when DM emailed saying they sold the debt to United Kash. Now they have been calling and sending emails looking for payment. Have spoken loads with them and there only seems to be two people there. They issued a final response when I complained about the level of service. Rejected outcome. Not going to bother escalating. After reading yours and DX's comments I think I'll ignore them from now on. My only concern is someone calling out to the home or them going to court. Although these are unlikely, would they inform me prior to any home visit or court proceedings? Any further info please ask. Thanks.
  11. There is no court judgement. And yeah it is Northern Ireland. They said they would send someone out to collect the debt but it is my parents home and don't want them involved. Are they likely to go to court for a small debt? I am worried about the potential attachment of earnings. Is this likely with them? Thanks for the reply also. Have had a look around. How would I go about stopping them coming out or going through the courts for an attachment of earnings? I offered £1 a month which they literally laughed at and declined. They want to see pay slips and bank statements.
  12. Hi all, I have been viewing this forum on and off regarding debt problems throughout the years and have recently had a disturbing phonecall with United Kash. They have advised unless I pay £530 they will do an attachment of earnings to my employer to recover the sum. The debt is from 2013 originally with Different Money. They were very demanding on the phone so I have since blocked their number. They also advised they may send someone out to my parents home, where the alleged debt originated. I didn't know this was lawful in sending someone out in N.I. Can someone advise how to best deal with this. I don't have the finances to pay this debt. They want a copy of my I&E, bank statements and copies of recent payslips. Many thanks in advance, Rich
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