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  1. I think that's a good point and no, I don't feel comfortable with the potential fear of being caught out hanging over my head every day. It's really frustrating, this job is a huge opportunity for me, in a really interesting field with good pay. I've never even been considered for such a good job before and I'm so gutted with myself for doing something so stupid when I was desperate. I'm not sure it could be overlooked if they found out about the caution either from me or through any checks they will do. They have a lot of applicants so I'm sure they would tell me to get lost in favo
  2. I haven't seen the forms yet so I'm not sure. Does that mean the caution might be considered as spent? I'm trying to get through everything that' coming up on google but it's a struggle to understand.
  3. just for a bit of further clarification if anyone knows. how does it get flagged up on these checks? will it be specific: e.g. he stole £150 worth of items from xx store? or is it more vague?!
  4. Thanks so much to you both. I think I'll swallow my pride and fess up... better that than be caught out. Not sure how I'll broach it though.
  5. I thought that might be the case but really hoping someone might say otherwise! I think it's best to come clean but I guess that means my chances of being hired are pretty scuppered. There just isn't a good way to make it sound alright is there? I'm not sure I'd want to hire someone who admitted to stealing. What an idiot I was. In the words of Cher: 'if I could turn back tiiiime'...
  6. Thank you for the speedy reply! It's a private security firm who offer a variety of services including security in dangerous countries, background checks, hostage negotiation, intelligence gathering a so forth. Probably not the BEST job for me to go for considering my past but I'm really keen on the job.
  7. Hello everyone. About 4.5 years ago I was caught stealing some clothing from a high street store (tough period of my life, which I am luckily out of now. It was done to sell on to try and pay some bailiffs) The police were called, I was arrested and given a caution. I didn't have to pay an £80 fine. I'm going to apply for a job now and as far as I know they perform fairly stringent checks on their employees. This role won't be handling cash, or being around vulnerable adults/children. I think they will do an enhanced DBS check at the least. Will this be flagged up in the check?
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