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  1. I've asked admin twice and I'd already said I didn't like what you'd done with merging two threads which though they are interrelated are about a separate concern. I'm under enough stress because of what's happened to me, and where you purport to be some kind of supportive forum the way you've carried on with me makes the situation worse. I've been a quiet and patient person for decades and it's got me nowhere, just as following prcedure has got me nowhere. There are also peopl eon this forum givng false and glowing opinions of things like ombudsmen when they are just another limb of corrupti
  2. In my view it's a mistake to combine my two threads, and it feels at odds with what I'm trying to achieve and the focus of my newset post, which is five years later. It also makes the thread seem unwieldy. I am writing now specifically about corruption and its effects on me. In 2016 I was merely in the dark and anxious. Now I know almost too much and the situation is a serious threat to my health. Can we please arrange to have the threads re-separated.
  3. I am now five years into a set of escalating complaints procedures which began with the appearance of a violent antisocial neighbour. I am signed sick long-term, on ESA, and live in a council bedsit. The situation was very badly handled by the police and the council. I wrote about it here in 2016. I wouldn't expect anyone to wade through that too but I will link the thread in case soeone does want to read or skim it.: What transpired afterwards has been deeply shocking, though I should probably not have been surprised. I have found without doubt that the Housing Ombudsman,
  4. Can someone also tell me about this £6000 limit thingy? For example if someone won £7,000 or even £20,000 compensation in a legal claim, or inherited £7,000 or £20,000, would that mess up benefit entitlements or is there some exemption for money like this depending on its source? (Similar to how someone isn't penalised for having a whole paid-up house...)
  5. I need to make this enquiry for my friend, a woman in her mid-50s with multiple sclerosis who is hoping to set up home with her partner who is himself able and in work. My friend was a teacher and has tried to get back into teaching only to find that both the illness and the post-Gove era are thwarting her attempts. Her last week of classes made her symptoms unmanageable and she withdrew from the post with some pretty abusive-sounding treatment from the headmistress. My friend currently gets contribution-based ESA of about £70, though a letter she got this week says it will go down to £60
  6. She understood - it had been explained verbally by the housing benefit people in contrast to what happened at the DWP - that her savings were over the limit to receive HB.
  7. She closed an ISA, believe it or not purely to pay her rent, being not entitled to housing benefit. To her mind just rational resourcefulness. As she was handing over bank statements hopefully this shows mere non-malicious naivety - she had shown a change of financial circumstances in doing so. Well anyway I suppose it's in the DWP's hands now, though the health situation and the reality of her condition as testified by MS specialists should come into it.
  8. I'm not sure of the dates at the moment and she is not available. It occurs to me though, that the fact she unknowingly sent her balance above the threshold about a month into her JSA claim and for six weeks or so runs counter to any suggestion that she was trying to effect deprivation of capital. As I think I was saying, she handed over bank statements all along, so there was no attempt to hide anything. The DWP, it seems to me, couldn't claim she was trying to get her money down to the amount that would allow her to get JSA if there was this period where her balance briefly went over. To me
  9. thanks for having a stab, and I've passed on the link you cited to my friend. She now finds she was briefly over the limit to receive JSA, for about six weeks I think. It stands that she was wrongly advised when transitioning from ESA to JSA, but I would think at worst that she would be due to pay back in hopefully manageable instalments, JSA for that six week period. Doesn't this seem likely? A middle-aged disabled woman who had a twenty year career teaching littl'uns is hardly fitting a profile of fraud, I would hope the DWP staff could see.
  10. I have used this forum a couple of times for myself but this time am enquiring for a friend who has MS and leukemia and is highly anxious at present. She had been on ESA until March, having been forced out of her teaching job in quite harrowing and underhand fashion a couple of years ago. She was put onto JSA and has been supplying bank statements to the Benefits Office here. She had been paying her rent out of rapidly dwindling savings until her savings fell under the limit preventing a housing benefit claim very recently. Despite her condition she has in the year that I've known he
  11. The email I have quotes the older of the woman at the meeting, who has clearly lied. In the context of the whole situation there has just been so much underhand stuff. I think 'corrupt' is fair. The consequences of this lying are not small.
  12. At present being both angered and a bit awed by the task I'm sure that not everything going through my mind is doable, hence willingness to listen. That said, if as seems likely my situation is the tip of an iceberg of habitual corruption then obtaining evidence of email correspondence between crooked council staff seems legitimate, though I'm prone to imagine a police force protecting the goings-on of a right wing council rather than myself. (I've just put in a claim for damage to property by police when they forced entry to my home during an earlier episode in this story, and in a phone call
  13. Hello again. I want to give an update on this matter because things have just taken a sinister turn as of yesterday. A brief summary for readers as I don't expect people to have me at the forefront of their minds... Fourteen months of antisocial behaviour culminating in threats made to me by the problem tenant dealt with all along very badly by the local council. Four months away from the flat and then coerced into returning with threats of housing benefit having to be stopped otherwise. (I've read since that in situations involving violence that housing benefit can be paid for up to 52 weeks
  14. I need to forward some materials to support the process following my medical assessment for ESA but want to try and get these to the person/department who basically saved my life last year by vetoing the decision to have me found 'fit for work'. I believe this was someone senior at the 'dispute resolutions' team, who actually phoned me to tell me that he'd spoken about my case to a woman in another department, actually on my birthday last year weirdly enough. I was not happy to have m tribunal procedure halted but gave in in relief after much stress and aggravation regarding my benefits.
  15. Really, they're that specific about format? So if I ring tomorrow to ask to do recordings they'll tell me this? The leaflet isn't specific like that. I can see why they might hold this to be necessary, even if it's essentially b.s., but I would think also in a court of law or tribunal there is facility to assess that a recording hasn't been tampered with So the thing then really is to just do it but be shrewd. What is the legal position though with actually using the recordings as evidence later? I have told the council as well that because of their misconduct against me any future
  16. I have got my second assessment for ESA on Thursday, presumably with Maximus this time unless they too have been sacked? I had been away for four months from the flat I've lived in for 21 years and feel a bit panicked to learn of this appointment being so near ( and this time it's due so early in the day that the train fare will be double). This is in part because I am severely stressed out because I already have another concurrent fight on my hands with the local council over its handling of a violent and antisocial neighbour (documented on another subforum here). When I was coerced back to t
  17. I have found with only a few days to spare (four months spent away from 'my home' due to a violent neighbour, documented in another subforum) that I've got my second medical on Thursday. As I established that the woman working for ATOS last year repeatedly lied I'll be recording my assessment, legally or otherwise. I will ring them tomorow to request this, and I'll be attempting to assert using my equipment, but if it doesn't pan out there's no way I'd go through this [problem] without protection. Last time I actually got permission to record well in advance but was told on the day that I coul
  18. Excellent, thanks. (Yes, I hadn't intended to pursue both concurrently.)
  19. Hello again. I want to ask about something related if anyone here knows. If I utilise the Ombudsman, does this prevent me going to solicitors or can it be supplementary to a court case? The problem I foresee is that the Ombudsman might be able to assert that the council makes reparation in the form of rehousing me and so on, but there is still the matter of both my costs in the last four months and a strong sense of a need for recognition of eighteen months or as I say, three years) of distress, lost sleep and frayed nerves. I'm neither greedy nor materialistic - there's literally no thin
  20. I haven't got any regrets about what I said on the other site. Very bigoted right wing attitudes were being used against me and that needs to be identified. We owe people like that no courtesy at all and I'm not going to be all liberal about people being illiberal. I'm not at all easily given to writing like that online, and stopped getting drawn into that kind of exchange in the late 90s. But especially with Brexit and the like the country is so vile now that I see no real reason not to chuck a bit of mud around at the architects of this grim descent. It's very telling that my comment got del
  21. Thank you. Yes, I stress that I'm not saying the Ombudsman _is_ corrupt but that I feared they would _prove_ to be and that therefore I'm trapped. I feel hopeful because I know I'm right and that genuine poor conduct has occured. I'd agree that another flat would be a great start but I really need to see one or more today with the deadline being tomorrow and I don't quite understand how you've said ot go back to the bedsit as well as seek the other flat? I'm thinking that if I say I'm going back to the flat they will shut the door on a move. Should I hand deliver a letter saying I'll go b
  22. Hello. Thanks for the replies, considerably warmer than what I've endured in another forum which has been rabid right-wing stuff that I cannot even bear to look in on now. Yesterday after having had strong pains in my heart since halfway through my meeting with the council staff on Tuesday I rang 111 and was advised to go to an A&E department. The ECG and the doctor find no problem but he said to go to my GP for pills for anxiety if I'm going to be experiencing this again. Frankly I can imagine experiencing it daily if I'm going to be coerced back to the tenancy. I emailed my housing
  23. Thanks. Although I have had many therapists over the years I have not had one very recently, mostly because there has been very little to say now - we just go round in circles, raking ashes and picking scabs. But yes, in relation to this matter a report would be helpful. However, I was assigned a social worker three months back and he actually wrote a report, a useless one. He said, although he noted the situation at the flats, that at the time I 'did not present depressive symptoms', which was a bizarre thing to say, and given that he was a social worker and not a p
  24. Thanks. Actually, what I was told today, that I have until Friday to say I'm returning to the flat, shouldn't they be obliged to put that in writing? Have they slipped up there? The adviser from the other country said that when at one point the homelessness adviser in my country had told me by only email that they can't help me because I have the keys to a property, she should have only said this in writing and after due procedure to establish whether or not I am 'homeless at home', which I arguably have been. It currently now seems that the council have slipped up again and acted in
  25. That would be okay yes - could you then delete #2 as it'd be doubled up? Thanks.
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