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  1. The sols claimed they dont care about BH or if the amount was wrong. Based on the age of the debt, they're convinced i cant defend the amount but will look into why wrong address used. I'll SAR Black horse and submit CCJ Set aside after a week
  2. Car taken by Black Horse at the new address. Letters from Black Horse at the new address already sent to Rentons.
  3. Just called Restons, they claim that "someone" must have changed the address to the old one. They claim that the address "must have been" changed by Arrow between January 2016 and August 2016. I find this hard to believe since Arrow confirmed verbally that they have the right address when i initially called about the CCJ. Rentons are still waiting for a response from Arrow (2 whole weeks) and will write me to confirm that the matter is still being investigated "in due course". There seems to be no time limit to when they'll be able to give me a response. The Sols case worker claims that they are not interested in a dispute of the £479 owed and that it's not up to them or Arrow to provide how that figure was calculated, is this true? And that £596 is payable no matter what the outcome is of their investigation. This STINKS!!, Every time the amount is challenged, it just gets sold to the next person. Is it time to submit my CCJ Set aside request? Should i wait for the investigation confirmation letter to add to my court documents?. Should i bother with a SRA request or similar? I've got a feeling that they're stalling on purpose to prevent me going to court early enough. Should i include in court docs that i still want the proof of debt? (car sold off in 2013)
  4. NO. All i've done is ask the Sols why CCJ at old address. They said they needed proof that their client knew the right address all along. Should i follow up with SAR or call them again first?
  5. No SAR sent yet. Wanted to know the very next stage. It's obvious that our verbal approach doesn't work. Should i send SAR before calling Sols again?
  6. CCJ on file means we can't remortgage as planned. What's the point paying almost £10k of debt in 6 months and getting a CCJ for less than £600.
  7. I dont mind paying the amount IN FULL, i just dont want a satisfied CCJ. No CCJ would have been on file had it been sent to our address. It would have been defended or paid off. To be honest, if the sols agree the full amount to set aside, i will pay it. I just don't want to offer to settle unless i'm sure thats the only option
  8. Defence is based on our failed requests to get settlement calculation . We dispute the debt amount in part or full since we've not been told how much the car and contents sold for Do you think this isn't a suitable defence?
  9. I phoned Arrow and got referred to their solicitors, Restons. Restons claimed that the last address given was correct etc but said they would talk to their client if i can supply the "proof" that their client knew of my new address. I sent the required info (letter from original creditor, letter from DCA that sold to Arrow and letter from Arrow themselves) and got an auto reply claiming that i should give up to 10 days for response. It's the tenth working day now, should i bother calling Arrow or Restons again? Should i just pay the £255 court fee to set aside?
  10. I agree in hindsight. Just want to know what the best route is that removes ccj from file Only initial one from Blackhorse after car was taken was responded to. Other DCA letters ignored
  11. the same debt.. blackhorse and 4 others for the same debt have written to the right address
  12. Original debt was for credit card debt Date of default 09/02/2013 Default balance £ 684 CCJ claim amount £867 CCJ was from Lowell DCA
  13. It might come as a surprise but "not allowed to work" doesn't mean "cant or wont work". Important bills still paid but couldn't return home until i paid for and got solicitor's assurance that i wont be picked up. Essential bills still paid with whatever i could earn. Squatted with friends was the only way i could stay off radar while getting much reduced income.. My wife was studying full time and we didn't expect the application to take so long.. I hope this clarifies a bit.. What's my best option, i don't think i can wait 4 years to get back into a decent job We have been making and paying back settlement offers that we have agreed with the debt collectors. All that have written about CCJs or sent collectors to door have already been settled. This one would have been pushed to the top of queue had we got the court papers. Please note that this is for HP that has already had the asset taken from the current address and letters received from all sorts. Absolutely no grounds for setting CCJ at old address
  14. I don't mind paying off the debt in full plus any court charges.. I just don't know what grounds the court will set aside an old CCJ and if it also matters if the debt collector agrees or not.
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