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  1. Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it greatly. Could you please explain to me what it means about their contract not giving them the right to claim in there own name. Also, in their contract with the landowner it states that it is a rolling contract would this give them the right to carry on even if there is no mention of any renewal? Or could they just not have bothered submitting the new contract paperwork
  2. Thank you I will look at that. I was wondering if it would be worth asking popla about the contract with the landlord having expired as there is no mention that I can see of it being renewed but surely they would have done so it would be very foolish not to have. Also, this point about the marked bays interests me as the part of the car park where my car was at the time in question has no marked bays, I would be interested to know if anyone thinks that is a point worth pursuing with popla. My feeling is that my main focus is the lack of a proper appeal but I would appreciate any
  3. Ok it was in my junk folder sorry. Well it looks like they have permission from the landowner, something I was sure wouldn't be the case, so anyway the only thing that I can see that looks incorrect is that they have not included the letter they sent me in answer to my appeal instead they have included two copies of my appeal letter one entitled appeal letter and one entitled answer to appeal. I think I need some advice please. Many thanks
  4. Hello happy new year to everyone. I received this email about half an hour ago and I wondered what it was best for me to do. Should I phone Ethical and ask them to send me a copy of their case file? Or should i write to them? I would appreciate any advice as to what my next step should be. Many thanks Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have not received a copy of their case file. Thanks Popla1copy.pdf
  5. Just to say that submitted my popla appeal tonight using the grounds discussed before namely the lack of proper consideration by the parking company regarding my appeal and also the supremacy of contract and the lack of mention of obstructive parking in their signage. Will post when I hear from them.
  6. I have looked up the popla appeals website and they say it is easiest to submit your appeal online so that is what I intend to do. This is my first draft of what I was thinking of putting for my reasons of appeal I am appealing this breach of contract charge on the following grounds, 1. The parking company failed to properly consider my appeal and instead just replied with a stock letter that did not mention what I was supposed to have donee address the points my appeal raised which is in breach of the conditions contracy to the BPA code on fair appeals. 2. I have supremacy o
  7. Just a quick question before I go Should I write to Ethical asking to see their contract with the landowner?
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