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  1. 133 If you need to change lane, first use your mirrors and if necessary take a quick sideways glance to make sure you will not force another road user to change course or speed. When it is safe to do so, signal to indicate your intentions to other road users and when clear, move over. 137 On a two-lane dual carriageway you should stay in the left-hand lane. Use the right-hand lane for overtaking or turning right. After overtaking, move back to the left-hand lane when it is safe to do so. Technically it's still single carriageway. I could throw reversal situation here. Wh
  2. I record all calls. I say call is recorded when I feel I want to say that call is recorded.
  3. There is no simple problems, otherwise we wouldn't need bunch of lawyers or consumer forums for that matter. We all have different approach as we live different lives. Therefore I don't give simple answers [apart from soft/hard configuration - this is straightforward] I prefer open approach; as I indicated in first post it is for someone in my shoes. If someone is happy with my approach can use it as it - most likely - didn't cost me as much time as going to court [plus all the other downsides for average Joe]. If anyone have any questions in that mater, there is always space and
  4. I can add to this thread how it happened. Since I have had all the conversations with company [when I said I record and when I didn't say] I called them to make amendments, but this time I was mentioning that it's being recorded. I fact there was no promises that they will call but forgot about it, they called me with new deal proposal when I didn't ask, finally I had this feeling they didn't want it to go to court, which I have promised based not only on failed service but also on really outrageous calls that that I was having in the meantime -
  5. Did he say "no" to do "do you mind" or "can I record"? but it doesn't really translate do the same rights to us customers. Doesn't it? Which I think is co incredibly ridiculous! Yes there are situations , where I would not announce I record. Hospital would be one of them or where dependency on service would be to high and I couldn't afford time delay. But generally information at the beginning of conversation could just put off all this aggressive salesmen and them bs technique offering something they can't provide. To answer one of the first questions: as I mentioned, befor
  6. Indeed I was reading the warning /advice on the forum to record but it doesn't say why someone should regret not recording. Is it because you can go back and listen to conversation, use it in courts? Second isn't after all clear atvall. Now I can't honestly understand why it should undermine the value of recording? I'm recording automatically my CS conversations for ages now but changed a tactic to increase a chance to make it admissible. And today I only remember that there were cases that the value of recording was undermined by secrecy of deed. Also there is a factor of C
  7. I didn't know where exactly to share that. So i thought I'll place it in the forum relevant to the situation that made me to write it. 2 ladies from consumer complaint service hunged up on me saying they won't talk to me if I won't switch off recording (yes I tell everyone at the beginning). So instead of changing my ways, I did that. I won't be saying witch mobile provider it was as I finished dealing with them now but wanted to share if someone is in the same shoes as me. It's open for edits as it was done in some 30 min.
  8. Yes I did. In any case they would ask me to provide some documentation. Otherwise anyone could come and claim they didn't get something. For me situation is: council pays for service and there is a contract between RM an Council for it. Is there any reason for Royal Mail accepting my complaint if I don't have a shred of paperwork proving that letter was really sent and not stuck in a Council bin? Or stolen by a person that not supposed to be in a specific Council area?
  9. I have written complaint to my local council that I haven't received few letters from them including one with PIN to 'Council Online' and other decision including some of my data and informations that if missed could bring further negative consequences. In response I have received letter through encrypted [?] means [egress]. It says that I should contact RoyalMail and chase why letters are not getting to me. Am I right that it is Council that is in the contract with RM and it's their job to find out what is going on and they trying to fob me off? What do you reckon I shou
  10. So now I know I was misinformed on all occasions- apart from one. I was eligible all the time, but some companies don't deal with some type of situations. It took several calls to multiple energy companies, some of them few times, also it took about 3 calls to Energy Saving Trust [that I think is first point of contact in this situation - 0300 123 123 4 - and I think they are tax sponsored]. Finally latter told me that most Big energy companies deal with boilers if their efficiency falls below B GRADE and only some if it falls inside B GRADE. It happened that in the proce
  11. I'm OK with that, but that might be the reason I couldn't find any information about them. There is no clear connection in search engine between company and information about them. So now anyone looking for info will see - "they" are not approved but will not know who... Connection between [commercial] + [name] should actually work as anty-advertisement. In this case I can only add, this website will come on the first page in search engine [searching for: boiler + grant] and that they have many other websites too. Yes survey was done free, I can see new EPC for my property on a web [it
  12. I have applied for boiler grant through one of the big 6 energy companies. The subcontractor called and told me I can have boiler and installation if I contribute few hundreds of pounds, reduced from around £2000. Then I have applied through [removed] again - as first company didn't want to tell me what boiler exactly will I be getting. Not even output power... [removed] told me that I'm not eligible for grant at all as my current boiler is too effective [above 86%, but leaking]. I met all other conditions. I don't know what to think now. Is first subcontr
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