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  1. A little disappointed I have not had any response from any of the admins here considering I have followed your guidelines and purchased your consumer survival handbook. Since my last post I am still in deadlock with npower. Whilst the matter is pending can npower share the disputed debt amount with credit reference agencies? My research says this is illegal? I am writing a stern letter to consumer disputes and reporting this as fraud Look forward to any responses Thanks Caggers
  2. Happy New Year Caggers thanks for your responses to date. Making headway with SAR disclosure and have found evidence of my final bill amounts and back billing write off applied after 9.3.16 which is when they initiated reminders for incorrect final bills. Following 11 reversals between 28.8.16 to 1.2.16 post final bill calculations as of 28.8.16 which were supposedly correct, and sent to myself. I can confirm I've never seen these documents until 9.3.16 Internal dialogue amongst different users/operators attest to this fact RE: final bills, back billing and reversal errors. I am reading each section of SRA carefully, distilling everything into a leading document with named headings and index references. Not complete yet but the basis of my arguments are in good stead. Exchanges between us since I last posted: 8th December - Reminders received for payment or financial arrangement set up 12th December - I Respond with an update that I’m still unable to draw any conclusion and require more time, to handle disclosure coupled with festive plans and pending family issue. 19th December - Reminders received for payment or financial arrangement set up 21st December - Acknowledgement on in response to my letter on 12th December, providing a new complaint number from Head of Customer Relations. 29th December - Reminders received - Urgent action required highlighted in red 6th January - I Respond via email and letter explaining my present position, following my previous letter on 12.12.16 given the matter had escalated to a family crisis. I let them know I am statutory leave of absence relating to time off for dependents, with supporting documents. Requesting they put the account on hold. 9th January - Response acknowledged but ignored, and they continue to prompt me to contact financial solutions to pay or enter a payment arrangement. 11th January - I respond - Reiterating my position - “Regrettably my position at present compromises my abilities to enter any prospective agreement relating to this complaint, hence why I have tried to maintain communications at every opportunity, most recently with supporting documents.” 13th January - Response acknowledged and ignored despite being referred for counselling for stress and anxiety. They mentioned they will organise to send out my password for the CD-ROM to access audio recordings, which Id requested on the 12th December 2016. 13th January - Reminder via Telemessage envelope from npower via BT, Date 9th December (references online indicate preparation to escalate to debt collection activity) I now intend: A) Go back to the ombudsmen with the new insights, to open a case again for further review. B) Prepare CP31.14 letters to prevent any ongoing debt recovery action which is their next step. C) Continue handling SRA disclosure and prepare particulars of claim to counter argue/claim should this escalate to court which is highly likely. (may I ask for some guidance on this please) I have kept all communication in writing due to past experiences of poor case handling. Soon I feel the time is right to engage on the telephone with pre-prepared questions set out. Although when using the voice recorder, I must state at the beginning of the call that I am recording the conversation for it to qualify as evidence to be later used in court.
  3. Hi thanks for the post Kindly see an update since I last posted on CAG. I note they mentioned a technical issue on June 10th 2016 and state the recording was inaudible. I have the consumer survivors guide and voice recorder on hand. Apologies for the delay on my part. Will keep you posted. Kind regards CAG Forum Dec 16.pdf
  4. from your experience what happens if the SRA is not returned within the 40 days window? I have downloaded the consumer handbook and aim to purchase a telephone recording on cyber Monday.
  5. Email received from Npower today which I have forwarded to the ombudsmen and await the SRA "Good afternoon Mr ..... Thank you for your letter requesting that a hold is placed on your account while you wait for the information provided by subject access request. Just to make you aware due to the Ombudsman complaint being closed as they informed us you had not responded to them within the relevant time scales, we would not look to place a hold on your account. Having checked our records there is still a hold in place until 6 December 2016. I will not amend the end date for this hold however, following this date reminder letters will be issued if a payment plan is not put in place for the remaining balance of £6200. This could also have an impact on your credit file. If you are looking to provide further representations regarding your complaint you will need to contact the Ombudsman directly with this information. If they feel the issue needs to be addressed they may contact us and request that we re-open your case. I trust this clarifies things for you. Kind regards"
  6. Received letter attached and I have responded today with the following "Thank you for your letter I am aware of the recent decision and I have requested an implementation team to interject and await a full response. I have requested further evidence from the ombudsmen to no avail, so perhaps you should forward your inquiries to them for moment. I am not able to make any further comment until I receive full disclosure of the subject access request which I have paid for as the cooperating party. This was acknowledged by xxxxxxx on the 3rd November 2016 in customer Services department, and ask any further action be put on hold until I have received and download the documentation which will need to be cross referenced for further consideration." CAG NP.pdf
  7. Another letter received by Npower today, see attached My response will indicate the following I am awaiting an SRA which you have acknowledged. Until I have full disclosure in my possession I am unable to comment. I did request further evidence from the ombudsmen to no avail, so perhaps you should forward your inquiries to them for moment. Let me know if there are any further suggestions. Kind regards scannp2.pdf
  8. Hi Andyorch It may just be me as a newbie, and not accustom to the UX of this web site. But when I log onto this post I have to go to eversirs thread to get to this post, is it separate? As this may not be getting the views if embedded within another post. Let me know
  9. Whoops apologies in advance. kindly see re-submission with my address redacted. Kind regards npsra consent.pdf
  10. Today I received a letter from N-power confirming they have no objection to the request, and mentioned it will be with me no later than 12th December 2016. Although it will arrive on CD format and with letter containing a password to access it. Lets see what transpires.
  11. From this point I am no longer willing to engage on the telephone with npower and will insist they put everything in writing until I have the SAR disclosure. I have no calls recorded with Npower as contact ceased back in July 2016 when the ombudsmen took over. I will read the referred information as suggested. Kindly see a response from the ombudsmen’s investigating officer this morning "Your complaint You state that our previous response was sent outside of a 14 day timeframe. However, I stated on our telephone call that I, personally, aim to have a response within a few days of the appeal deadline date. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not in the office at this time. I responded to your appeal upon my return. The actual timeframe for us to respond to appeals is six weeks. I apologise if I did not make this clear when we spoke. On 21 October 2016, we sent you our decision to resolve your complaint. This was our final proposal to sort out your dispute. We asked you to respond within 14 days. Thank you for confirming that you did provide the payment reminder letters dated 9 March 2016, on 13 April 2016. These are the same letters npower was referring to and therefore the issue was discussed in our previous email. There is no new evidence to consider. You have also mentioned that “Sometimes either or both parties will appeal the decision or ask for clarification.” However, we have now passed this stage. The opportunity to appeal or ask for clarification was during the 14 days after we issued our initial report. As you have not accepted within the acceptance period, our decision is not binding upon npower. This means you have lost the right to any solution that we set out. You are now free to follow other routes to resolve your complaint. Yours sincerely" and my response below was "You have not submitted a report or any supporting documents which I have requested on several occasions in my email of the 11th October and the 2nd November 2016. I have not received any reports other than a lengthily email which is not enough to substantiate your decision hence my response on the 11th October. Ombudsmen stated: You have also mentioned that “Sometimes either or both parties will appeal the decision or ask for clarification.” However, we have now passed this stage. The opportunity to appeal or ask for clarification was during the 14 days after we issued our initial report. When did we pass this stage? And on what date did the 14 days expire? Please clarify Ombudsmen sent email on 6th October and I responded on the 11 October 2016 “For avoidance of doubt I refuse to accept your decision or offer at this time and request to raise an appeal instantaneously. By your own admission “Npower have not handled this account properly” to the point where its customer is unable to comprehend any of its billing structures. Kindly revert back to Npower with all my points raised within the period stipulated by yourself. As the cooperating party I hope there is still headway to conclude this matter.” I will now make appropriate in roads to have an implementation team interject as you are clearly out of patients and not impartial. Regards"
  12. Let me log on and see when they've signed for the SAR I understand your point, but I've only become aware of this web site in the last few weeks, better late than never. Whilst the SAR request is in session can they still seek further action? I will keep researching and set out my stance. Thanks for your input to date.
  13. Relationship with npower started well as a fixed tariff deal and slowly kept increasing then became difficult at times. Generally it was satisfactory at best but the miscommunication and repeat markers placed on my credit file were extremely stressful. After 2nd time it happened 2015 I had a lengthily discussion with Npower and cooperated with an internal investigation which led to daily burns test for 4 weeks which I detailed in my bullet points. The turbulence really is based on their entire handling, customercare, miscommunication. Post the investigation the accounts were reconciled and shortly after decided to make a clean break. The duel fuel account was residential. I am disputing the remainder of the debt which has been reduced to £6200. Npower have taken the previous final bill of £1400 into account alongside the their goodwill gesture of £200 All bills are online which I dont have full access too as my account is closed. Any info i have now is post disconnection. Although I do have a statement for the life of the account which was supplied by the ombudsmen detailing all payment activities.
  14. Kindly see the past to present bullet pointed for consideration and debate: 1. Joined Npower in April 2012 on a duel fuel fixed tariff deal with a payment method of (direct debit) which changed to (receipt of bill) 11months later due to an extreme hike nearer the anniversary. 2. This may have stemmed from estimated bills in the absence of meter readings which were given for us to work out actual consumption. 3. Looking back, I must have been reverted onto their standard tariff after the fixed rate deal ended which I was never informed of or given alternative deal 4. Normal service resumes for the foreseeable. 5. During 2014 markers were placed on credit file which I queried and had them successfully removed via the consumer disputes team, being these were legitimate queries raised. 6. Service resumes as normal with periodic erratic billing probably due to being on standard tariff which I never understood at the time in hindsight. 7. December 2014/early 2015 I noticed bill were increasingly higher,so I queried again, which led to recovery action with Richburn 8. On February 20th 2015, I sent a letter to Richburn who ceased any further action. 9. Npower and I resolved our queries and I made payment for £369, for an easy life. 10. On April 2015, markers were placed on my credit file which I found strange being there was a legitimate query which was again removed via consumer disputes team. a) Having spoken to Npower at length we agreed my account go under investigation. b) I was asked to take consecutive meter readings daily (known as a burns test) c) This was successfully completed and they agreed there was an error 11. At this point we were all on the same hymn sheet 12. I then decided it was time to part company at this point as the relationship was fractured. 13. Upon exit I was presented with two final bills in May 2015 for £1400 combined total and was led to believe an accurate bill was final post my cooperation, with the meter reading exercises. a) I cannot locate these bills as I thought I was rid of this company. b) I thought this was extremely high, but nonetheless thought this was the final chapter. So, I then paid £500 upfront and then agreed to pay the remainder via a fixed period agreement which I have stuck too and is paid in full. This was reflected in a letter from Head of customer Services Manager titled on the document. 14. My supply was taken over successfully by a new supplier on a duel account on June 17th,18th 2015. 15. Parted company and maintain payment plan. 16. Fast forward to 2nd March 2016 I was sent a reminder stating I had missed a payment. 17. I made an inbound call to Npower on the 8th March 2016 to get a statement of account and was later informed of a revised bill for £7,800 combined for both electric and gas. 18. A few days later I received several reminders and complaint letter post marked 9th March 2016 for electric 3530.60 and gas 4312.45 19. I sent a letter of dissatisfaction on 20th March 2016 having received the reminders and reached out to the ombudsmen for an initial discussion who told me their procedures, and encouraged me to resolve it with the energy supplier. 20. On 9th April 2016 another reminder was sent with a reduced amount £6328.61 a) On April 13th 2016 I received multiple automated calls and messages to force me into paying or enter an arrangement. This spanned over 3 -4 weeks. b) April 13th on the same day I am at breaking point and open a case with the ombudsmen services being 8 weeks had lapsed. c) I have screen shots of numerous calls in breach of the harassment act 1997 21. I furnished the Energy Ombudsmen with all my supporting documents. a) letter from Head of Customer Services: confirming the arrangement b) Reminder Letters and Acknowledgement of complaint c) Screen Shots of recent harassment which breach the 1997 Harassment Act 22. At this point, there were still exchanges with Npower who allocated a senior case handler, who was then suspiciously replaced. Another letter from Npower customer relations on the 4th May 2016 a) The amount of inbound calls to and from Npower via different departments and transfers are still unimaginably painful. The primary case handler admitted by his own views, and verbally said "this should be written off due to the lack of service and errors made thereof." And was awaiting a decision from his superiors b) Because of the numerous compliance declarations read out to me before each call. I have requested all audible calls be brought into evidence as the context is relevant prior to the referral and escalation of this complaint. 23. Having explained the scenario to my present supplier who agreed to another burns test on my gas meter done between 5/4/16 to 26/4/16 backed with new logs whihc i have retained. Approved a new gas meter replacement via G4S ultility for Ofmat testing. a) I had to pay £70 for this service which was refundable if found to be faulty. G4S Utility were instructed to change the meter. b) The installation occurred on the afternoon on 8th June 2016 by G4S utility for ofmat tests which took place on 14th June 2016. c) The Gas meter test certificate confirmed this was erroneous at a rate of 2.3% over the actual quantity passed through the meter. 24. An Inbound call from Npower on the 24th June 2016 despite my cooperation with the initial case handler moved the goal posts again by replacing Aladdin with another personnel who was not entirely oblivious to the background of this complaint. This meant I had to regurgitate everything to new case handler who continued to pressure me into accepting liability for back billing. On the phone for 45mins. a) The mounting pressure tactics to try and force me to enter an arrangement is beyond the threshold of being able to cope and engage any further. b) Updated letter followed from Npower from executive pitor department conveniently sent on the June 24th 2016 reminding me that they are “Very sorry for the problem you have encountered with your account. This is not the level of service we strive to provide. Regrettably we still need to proceed to recover the debt on account.” 25. During July 2016 Npower published another marker on my credit file whilst the complaint is pending with the ombudsmen, as we are in deadlock. a) I made a follow up phone call to them on 5th July 2016 and the reflected this In a letter to the Consumer Disputes team to reflect my dissatisfaction. pending a current investigation. 26. Inbound call on 6th October 2016, from the Ombudsmen services time duration (25mins) who explained their position and ruled in favor of Npower which followed by an email. I responded with an appeal on the 11th October 2016. A full and final response was sent to me on the 21st October urging me to accept. a) The ombudsmen’s having only supplied me with a financial statement of account, detailing my payment activity and their erratic billing, with reversal after reversal. This is not a legible statement that I am able comprehend nor see how this is basis for a decision and to withdraw my rights to appeal. b) I am unable to see where Npowers billing actuals come from to shed any light for further consideration in line with Energy UK code of Practices. c) The phantom final bill was generated on the 11th May 2015 yet it was only disclosed to me on October 21st 2016, by the ombudsmen service and not Npower as previously requested which baffles me. d) The ombudsmen also state I never provided evidence of the reminders dated 9th March in my initial disclosure which is incorrect. Therefore, I’ve had to resend a screen shot and attached documents again. e) I insisted this be added to the investigation “as satisfactory new evidence” being that circumstances around the complaint have now changed. f) I requested all documents pertaining to the investigation which is now fractious Their code of conduct states: “Sometimes either or both parties will appeal the decision or ask for clarification.” g) The ombudsmen say numerous I say innumerable amount of bill reversals took place which must be deemed as a systemic error at source. Having opted for text SMS and email notifications as my chosen preferences which have not changed, I cannot understand why I received no notifications. h) I have now asked for an implementation team to interject as their rules state if a remedy cannot be reached then this is the next step. i) Lastly as the complainant, I relied upon a competent level of service which I has not been afforded on this occasion and can confirm that I do not accept their decision and await an appropriate response. 27. Email response sent to the Ombudsmen on 2nd November 2016 - response to email of 21st October a) Followed by an SAR request sent via recorded delivery (Orange service) on 2/11/16 Other Miscellaneous Information: During my telephone conversation on the 6th October 2016 I asked the investigating officer a simple question. When was, the final bill generated for the sum of £7800, prior to the reminders? Unable to do this comfortably she went on tangent. This was later disclosed on 21st October in her latest email. See a quote from the email of the 21st October 2016 why this was never communicated to myself the customer. Energy ombudsmen states: “Furthermore, your balance was amended whenever you made payments. Reminders will be issued for the amount of your outstanding balance, at that time. This means reminders may be issued for an amount that is not quoted on a bill as payments may have been received in the interim period. Although details of the removal of the final charges are not specifically detailed in our report, this was considered when making our decision. Furthermore, it is important to note that the six month time-frame is a commercial decision that npower was under no obligation to make. We have attached a copy of your statement of account to this email. This details the dates and activities that have taken place on your financial account. This includes dates bills were issued and reversed and payments received. npower has provided us with copies of the active bills on your account, most reversed bills are removed from its billing system and therefore no longer available. As the company has provided evidence of these bills we must consider they were issued to you. It is not possible for us to explain why you may not have received them.” My next steps: a) Wait for either extension or implement team interject to remedy the case b) And let the ombudsmen close the complaint. c) Then await Npower to make direct contact, which escalate to the county court d) Meanwhile I continue to prepare a counter claim and seek assured guidance beforehand I have my CP31.14 on standby should any debt collectors attempt to cause a disturbance. is there anything else I should have on standby? as I think this is going to bomb fight. I am stressed out and have made an appointment to see the doctors next as this is affecting self employment
  15. Good Morning, and thank for setting up this thread. Background I joined Npower in April 2012 who supplied a duel fuel fixed account. I opted for online billing with text SMS and email notifications as my preferences which have never changed since supply commenced. Through a turbulent time of service, we were able reconcile the accounts and I parted company between 15th – 18th June 2015 with a final bill of £1400 backed by accurate meter readings. I paid £500 upfront and then agreed to pay the remainder via a fixed period agreement which I has been paid in full. This was confirmed and reflected in a letter from XXXX Head of Customer Services. I later telephoned Npower on the 8th march 2016 to get a statement of account as I received a reminder saying I’d missed a payment which was incorrect. Towards the end of this call I was informed about a revised bill for £7,800 for both electric and gas combined. Days Later to receive several paper bill reminders on and around the 11th March 2016 post marked 9th With no original bills, or monthly billable breakdown in its completeness I am unable to accept these bills. Especially without being updated in accordance with the Energy UK Code of Practices nor delivered via SMS, email or online prior to this reminder. Kindly note the date of this supposed final bill was generated on the 11th May 2015. This was only disclosed to me on 21st October 2016, by the ombudsmen service and not Npower. The ombudsmen have ruled in favor of Npower and I have refused their decision and asked for an implementation team to interject as a remedy cannot be reached. Yesterday I sent off a SAR direct to Npower via royal mail tracked and sign service (orange label). I take no responsibility for lack of errors, customer care and miscommunication within their organization and feel a £200 discount and an apology does not account for time and threshold levels of frustration endured. If such a vast amount was owing on account then how was I able to leave successfully without objection?
  16. good morning, I totally understand and have most things in order. I will send the SAR today via recorded delivery and check the organisation of my documentation. I'll continue to prepare this thread ensuring all info is clear for the caggers, bare with as Im a newbie. thanks in advance
  17. I found this extremely helpful and have used it as a basis to prepare, although how would I go about issuing proceedings? Being my case is at the final decision stages. The ombudsmen have made a monumental error with my initial disclosure, so I am requesting an extension or a remedy implementation team who can interject, I am now in favor of the latter. Failing that I have prepared my SAR in readiness to send direct to the energy provider. meanwhile I am preparing my particulars of claims to be lodged to counter their arguments should it escalate to the courts. The Ombudsmen services have proven to be inept in providing an competent level of service, which contradicts their statement online: "Credentials We are approved by the appropriate competent authorities to provide a redress service in the sectors in which it operates." Watch this space
  18. Well done Eversir, I see Bankfodders input was pivotal. I am going through a similar problem at present with the same company, who feel they can intimidate me. By issuing a reminder 1year later for £6,000 for both electric and gas, after being given a final bill of £1400, which was paid. Reviewing similar cases and cross referencing my information, suffices to say I will be preparing particulars of claim to compensate me for loss of earnings trying to comprehend their billing structures. reversal after reversal write off after write off. My case is with the energy ombudsmen which quite frankly has been a waste of time and I am letting them sweat. Look out for my thread coming soon.
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