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  1. Thanks for reply dx. I like your suggestions and will get onto that asap. Will update if/when I receive replies. Thanks again.
  2. Hi there, I've got 3 credit card debts which were all defaulted in 2011 (various dates). Total debt is £8000ish. I've been paying £1 a month to them all for the last 5 years or so and to be fair they haven't given me any problems due to explaining my ongoing long term mental health difficulties and financial hardship. I've changed address in the last 2 years and not updated my address with them but continued paying the £1 a month to all. Start dates for them are 2000, 2005, 2007. One debt is still with Capital One, another (Virgin MBNA) shows as Arrowglobal on Equifax (though I'm paying Wescot...confusing..) and the other is with 1st credit (though still shows as Santander on Equifax). I'm not really sure what is the best thing to do now. I'm thinking (having read a lot of threads here and elsewhere) that it might be an idea to CCA them? I would just like to try and sort this out before any sort of CCJ's become a possibility as my credit record is a bit healthier these days, but I'm concerned that if I contact them they will start hassling me and threatening court action just as I'm starting to get back on my feet..it is a dilemma..! Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated and welcomed. Thanks.
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