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  1. will the original court judgement have been made in my absence then uncle B? ive not been to any hearings of any kind, nor been summonsed except to the nuneaton court building back when i had to show bank details, i never went before a judge, just a chap asking questions. how do i get to see a copy of the original?
  2. finally, an update! i got this letter through the door this morning, it doesnt seem to be an order to attend court just a sort of statement to say that they CAN order me to attend court by sending the order to this address! not really sure?? west brom.pdf
  3. that sounds promising! ringing the court now, the woman says the claim began in 2008! first i heard was oct 2016! they've had my address since 2006 weird, the phone call has me worried, she said that there have been lots of letters sent to me at my address one an order to attend court in march & that if i ignore i could go to prison, seems odd, ive received nothing except one visit from excel, that was ages ago!
  4. what does MLC stand for DX? looking at my credit report just now i noticed that lowells have been looking at it in november last year too!
  5. that sounds great for me then, as they got me in to a court building in about 2006 & never followed it up, just took details & waved me out the door! seemed odd at the time that they didnt chase me up immediately, i opened up a credit report thing with noddle & clearscore last october to see if i had a CCJ & there was nothing, but after checking my reports etc i saw that west brom was checking my cred report too
  6. i was given to understand that it was enforceable for 12 years due to being a Mortgage debt, like 12 years till statute barred?
  7. seem to get messages all over to cover and hide all identification etc, security breaches & libelous liabilities etc....
  8. Yes DX, according to the franking on the envelope the address is the same as at the bottom of the court letter
  9. no, no property, no savings. LTD company is managing to tread water but no assets other than a van a couple of second hand plant machines
  10. would the process server be from the original creditor, the DCA or the court Uncle B?
  11. one person tried to contact me at this address, in october last year, left a phone number to call them on this letter (attached) excels first correspondence 26.10.16 PDF.pdf
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