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  1. Hello all. My husband is in the process of sorting out his debts from a very grey period of his life. We had 2 letters regarding old council tax debt - one from the court and one from a dca. Both are being looked into - dates etc. Hubby was a drug addict for many years and his recollection of things is hazy at best. However, I'm on the case and have been dealing with letters as they arrive. 3 nights ago, an enforcement agent from Bristow & Sutor arrived at 8:30pm - hubby was at an NA meeting so he agreed to deal with me. This was also a council tax debt for £179, and was neither of the debts we had received letters about. I explained that we hadn't received any notice of the debt prior to him showing up, and he admitted that sometimes the office said they'd sent letters that simply didn't arrive! I argued that to add £235 to the debt before we'd received any notice was a bit harsh. I paid the debt there and then but have so far refused to pay the doorstep fee. Can you let me know where I stand with this, do we simply have to pay it? It seems extremely unfair. He has offered repayment terms for the fee but I've told him I'm prepared to challenge it until my last breath! I'd just like to know if I'm flogging a dead horse. Thanks in advance.
  2. That sounds great, DX and I might even sleep a bit better tonight! I'll start the ball rolling tomorrow and check back in. Thanks.
  3. OK, I think it's time too. I have some BNPL that have ended and that's another £150pm on top of what I'm paying now. What are the options that you're thinking of for long term handling of this debt? I know with DRO my debt is gone after a year, with a 6 year CR trashing, but obviously that puts our campervan at risk. I don't know of any other debt help options that doesn't require selling of assets - at least ones that won't have me paying whatever small amount I'll have left over every month, forever - and wouldn't that mean an eternity with a bad credit report too? I thought that at least with a DRO, I wouldn't have to worry about bailiffs etc. 15k will take me the rest of my life to pay off, at the rate of £40pm. And that £40 will be the only spare cash I have. That's a depressing thought.
  4. Hi DX. I really didn't take any of that out - I always refused when offered. As yet, I haven't had any payment issues, none late, missed or unpaid. I'm still paying them off as normal and right now my credit report is tickety boo. I am struggling, but I'm still paying. **this is my debt, not my daughters. She doesn't have any credit at all.
  5. OK, thanks. Well I didn't take any of that out, so it won't apply to me.
  6. sorry for my absence, family stuff happened! DX, what do you mean by reclaimable? I have online statements, all of them. Hope you all had a great christmas.
  7. Thanks to you DX and you ThedaBara - I have been reading forums for a while, and I interpreted it differently DX, if you're right, that's a weight of my mind. As the debt is quite high, if I went down the DMP route, only paying say £20pm, I'd be paying it all off until after I died! That's why I thought DRO or bankruptcy would be my best option - on the StepChange website it says I can't keep a vehicle over £1000 and it will be seized and sold - it also said that OR would contact DVLA to see what vehicles I had in my name, hence the panic. There was a post from a woman who went bankrupt for half of what I owe, and they took her old banger, even though they valued it at just £400. She argued that she needed it due to having small children, so they offered to sell it back to her for £350:!: is there another option that I don't know about, or would you suggest the DMP regardless of length of repayment and a forever trashed credit report? To be honest, I could probably live without credit and yes, we'd keep the van, but the thought of paying every spare penny I have ad infinitum - that's depressing. It's been a while, but I used one of those income calculators only a few months ago and it all looked right. The local council do have a welfare assistance department, so I can get help from there when it's about time to start applying. Thanks again, CAGgers
  8. Ok, Renegade - thank you. I agree - I thought paying until I can't, or rather just before, was the way forward. I'll start keeping tabs on our expenditure. With regards cutting back, apart from the debt direct debits, I only have phone and broadband, council tax, water (watersure tariff for disabled customers), gas/electric (recently switched supplier after paying through the nose with British Gas for 20 years), 3 sim card plans for myself & kids at £5.50 per month, and a life insurance policy (£11p/m). I tend to pay car insurance annually to save money. We don't watch live TV, so no license or TV bill to pay for , but we do have netflix. I don't receive any tax credits at all, my income is purely made up of carers allowance, child benefit and income support . I'll sit tight for a few months and go from there. Really? It doesn't feel like that I'l try and stop worrying so much, but it's hard to let go and relax. Thanks again, really appreciate the input.
  9. Yep, the debts are all still with the original creditors - as I said, I haven't even made so much as a late payment yet and they're all accounts I've opened since 2010. I understand what you're saying about arranging smaller payments, but I would really like to clear as much as possible while I'm still able. I don't feel comfortable telling them I can't afford it when I actually can. Is this absolutely necessary right away?
  10. Oh I was hoping that was a loophole rather than dishonest. I guess we'll just have to resign ourselves to having to sell it. I'll look into the charities over the next week, although I'm sure getting her benefits won't pose a problem. I'd still like to know what debt relief there may be that could help me. I know I'm worrying 8 months in advance, but it feels like it's right around the corner. Also, if going bankrupt is my best option, I have to save for the £700+ fee. Thanks again.
  11. If that's the case, then that would be fantastic. I guess you could say that she did pay for the van, as it was only possible to buy it due to her disability benefit. It might seem an extravagant purchase, but the benefits of having it have more than made it worth it. I suppose I should look into this some more, but in the meantime I've still got to work out what to do with regard the debt. I'm loathe to offer drastically reduced payments while I can still afford to clear at least some of the debt. Once my finances change next year, I'd end up paying whatever small amount I can for who knows how many years. If someone could tell me what different types of debt relief I'd have available, that'd be great. Thanks for all the input so far,
  12. EMA ended in England if I recall. As she's still classed as a child, with child benefit still being paid for her, I receive extra money for her by way of income support. As far as I'm aware, we get everything we/she is entitled to. All debts were taken out after 2010.
  13. She attends a local college with additional support, so for that reason she is still classed as a child - applying for ESA before then would have put us in the same reduced finances situation, just earlier. She'll be continuing at college even after her 20th birthday, just as an adult rather than a child. Yes, we have evidence, statement etc, but the amount of money paid by ESA will still be a lot less than we get at present. Yes, debts are with original creditors, and no payments late or missed.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to respond - as she turns 20, she will no longer be classed as my child. I will have to apply for ESA or similar for her. Child benefit will stop, Income support decreases as she will no longer be a dependent, I lose the severe disablement premium for a child and my carers allowance will also drop £30. She will still reeceive her PIP but that goes towards her needs. Debt is: £4.5k mbna (2 cards) 3yrs old £4.5k barclaycard 3yrs old £3.5k catalogue 6yrs old £2.5k argos card 5yrs old I had considered offering a reduced amount, and that's great at the moment while we still have disposable income, but eventually, I'll be struggling to find £30/£40 per month and if I pay all of that every month, I'll be repaying for years and years with no money for anything other than food & bills. I know I got myself in this situation, but the thought of being penniless for decades is pretty depressing. We moved into a property that was more suitable for my daughter (bedroom and bathroom on same level, to avoid falls during the night), but it was an absolute shell - I thought I could make the house a home and still have time to pay it all off before my situation changed. I had debated selling the van to a friend but I read that any sale of assets during the last 2 years would be investigated, so I just don't know.
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