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  1. Ok...received letter saying they have returned account to Link. Thought Link Financial were the same. Haven't paid them a penny since November 2016
  2. Thanks dx100uk will let you know their reply. What am i trying to find out please?
  3. Debt originally stemmed from a Tsb visa card and a Scottish widows master card which I asked if the limits added together and just have one credit card. No original court paperwork but do have card number Is the following statement why they are just happy to accept a small payment. If they legally / absolutely assign the debt then Asset Link take the place of the original creditor in the contract, the debt to LLoyds has transferred and is now owing to Asset. However, the CCJ is a different thing - the order to pay remains to Lloyds - but you an't pay Lloyds as they've assigned the debt - and the new owner CANNOT take you to Court again for the same debt, they can chase it but can't start proceedings - the only thing they can do is transfer the CCJ into their name. If they do try to transfer you can object to this and challenge their legal right to transfer the Judgement into their name?
  4. Will a SAR not stir a wasps nest as such. Will do it tomorrow as they nicely provided me with the card number. What would my future options be with this. Debt still stands at 19k. Thanks
  5. Ok dug paperwork out,no letter from the court. Purchasing letter of debt from Lloyds. Ccj issued 2008 from Credit card from 2001.
  6. Letters just stated it had been legally assigned. One from the court I believe nearly 15 months ago. No letters available sorry
  7. Been a while I know and did listen to your advice, but for the sake of a fiver thought why rustle feathers. They have contacted me for an update and review. I,m worried this may escalate. I hung up on them. Thankyou everyone
  8. Hi Dx Thanks Yes by phone DD set up from an account where I only put specific amounts in. No card details
  9. So if I stop paying... What happens? Enforcement... A ccj doesn't expires I own my own home ? very confused or am I just being thick
  10. Cash cowed? Everyone said it could be enforced. Set up at £5 per month. what was I suppose to do
  11. Took your advice. Surprisingly they were nice and have set up an affordable repayment plan with them. They also advised they had no intentions of enforcement if I at least paid something each month.
  12. The court set it at £37.50 a month, and I have been paying 17.50 for the last 2 years with no letters from Lloyds .Since they have owned the debt since June they want the full amount the court ordered. Annoys me they can just sell it on and I honestly feel I wont pay them anything now and take my chances. I have also moved address and know then can only act upon the ccj on my previous address .I believe they cannot enforce the ccj as 6 years have elapsed.
  13. Ccj obtained by Lloyds 7 years ago and has been sold to the above Muppets, with the proper paper work, the assignment and court papers .it was a credit card from Lloyds taken out in 2003 .Original order was 37.50a month but have only been paying 17.50 for the last 2 years .Lloyds never seemed to mind. There now demanding 3 x 37.50. Help ,should I send them a cca request? I believe it is unenforceable anyway with it being over 6 years?
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