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  1. Could you provide a link to the charges reclaim letter please. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I've requested a SAR. If I put another complaint in how do I word it as they just keep coming back saying the fee's are valid and within the terms of the agreement? Thanks.
  3. Borrowed £750, need to double check but I've paid around £2200
  4. I'm confused by the statement a bit, I think it's just arrears and charges as I still owe £383 013300.pdf
  5. Sadly not. I've asked for a statement of account. Is there anyway to post a PDF on here, it has no personal details on.
  6. So I know it's been while but as advised I complained to the Ombudsman and after waiting for a very long time they've basically advised me that they will not peruse it as I didn't contact them within 6 months of receiving the final response to my complaint from CCP. Any advice where to go from here. I have been sticking to the agreed payment plan and paying £25 a week, it will be paid off in May (thank the lord!). However I still don't agree that all of the charges they stuck on are correct. Yes they say they attempted repossession twice but 'I was never home' apparently and yet they've charged almost £700 a time. It says in the agreement they can charge their costs but it doesn't state what they are.
  7. Hi, Sorry I never got back about this. I suffer from depression and go through bad spells. Anywhere just to keep me from dealing with anymore stress I've been paying £100 a month which they have accepted and haven't bothered me recently. However I recently got a breakdown from them to find that I borrowed £750. Have so far paid back £1263.66 and still owe £1583.83 A lot of this is charges as they tried to reposes the car twice, they never took it as I was never home when their agents called. They say they can still charge me for this as they still instructed and paid agents to call at my house. I have complained to the CCTA once previously, other then an acknowledgement I never heard anymore. Then I made a further complaint in January and whenever I ask about it I just get told the legal team are looking at it. I am in a much better frame of mind at the moment to now tackle this but really don't know where to go from here. Would it be better to contact the ombudsman than the CCTA? Also as Car Cash Point state that in the documents I sign it said that if recovery action is taken, even if not successful, costs are added to the account, therefore can I still dispute this? Thanks for all your help.
  8. I have made some payments however they generally try to get me to agree to more than I can afford and once again due to illness recently and only receiving ssp have ran into difficulties. The majority which is now owed is their charges they added for repossession which never happened. I borrowed 750. To date I have paid 1,257.18. I still owe 1,091.76 included in the above are 150 recovery admin charge and 300 bailiff costs
  9. it does have a stamp which says high court of justice bill of sale and the date which is within the 7 days.
  10. Further on and this is still a massive issue. I have today made a complaint to the CCTA however today a company has also been to my address to take my car, luckily I wasn't home. I have been looking at the bill of sale and wondered if anybody who has any expertise in this area could check it to see if everything is correct. The only issue I can see is someone from their company has signed as a witness however there is also room for 'signed by deed on behalf of carcashpoint limited by' and nobody has signed.
  11. An update on this. They have stated they will accept £125 a month if I send them my sick note? Otherwise I would need to pay the £300 plus £125 a month. I don't have a sick note, I'm on a phased return. I paid them £125 yesterday anyway, I also asked my doctor if they would write a letter but they said this isn't something she would do. Any suggestions on where to go from here?
  12. I've received a reply to my complaint. They've listed some dates when Burrington came to my house and the car wasn't sighted. This could be the case as on the dates mentioned I wasn't home, however no calling card was left which they claim. They now state they will accept £50 a week if I pay £300 by Monday, I don't have £300.
  13. I put in a written complaint as advised, I also put one in with the ombudsman. I received this email yesterday: I write to confirm receipt of your complaint. This has been passed to Paul Hilburn our director. Paul attempted to call you this afternoon and left a message. Please can you call him back as a matter of urgency in order to discuss a resolution Should I call them, or ask them to email me so I have everything in writing? Thex car is at a friends house for now.
  14. Here's the most recent update on this, still no further forward: Me: As advised all I can afford is £100. I can't afford to pay £300 at the moment. I have advised I can provide proof through my employer I am on a phased return at the moment and therefore a part time wage, however this is temporary. With regards to the £300 I notice this has been added to my account on the 12th October however it is my understanding this action can only be completed once a default notice has been issued and 14 days have passed, 14 days hadn't passed since the default notice by the 12th October, please could you advise on this. Also please could I have the information requested as to who is dealing with the collection of the car. I'm also very surprised this charge was added on the 12th however nobody has been to my property as of yet? I am trying to give you what I can afford however you are trying to make me pay what I don't have, I don't find this to be helpful for yourselves or me. Promising to pay what I can't afford will only mean more missed payments. I feel that the emails from yourself within the last week have been confusing. First saying you would consider my £100 offer if I provided documentation and then later advising you would accept it if I paid £300. Once again I make the offer to pay £100 on the 31st October, 30th November and 31st December then forward from that date onwards £175 per month until the debt is cleared. This is reasonable and within my means. Please let me know by 1pm if this has been accepted or not and also the information requested above. If you decide to go ahead with the recovery I will be applying to the court for a time order this afternoon. I would stress the importance of everything I have said and ask that a manager / owner of the company looks at this email. I look forward to your reply and resolving this matter in a reasonable manner. Them: Thank you for your email. Please be advised that the default that CCP are acting on was served on 29th June 2016. We have attempted to work with you since this was issued to address the instalment arrears. A payment plan was agreed with you in August 2016 which was unfortunately not maintained and you did not respond to our attempts at contact. Third party debt recovery agents were then instructed on 12th October 2016. This was as a result of the instalment arrears and the fact that only two payments had been received on the loan since its inception in May, this is still the case. Please also note that we are not prepared to discuss the third party agents used. The repossession fee is a fee that we have already paid to agents and that you are liable for as a result of the instruction. You were made aware of this when the loan was taken out by acknowledging and signing a copy of a tariff of our fees and charges. I have also attached a copy of this for your information. Car Cash Point remains committed to assisting you however by not providing the supporting documents to confirm your circumstances makes it difficult to do so. Our position remains the same in terms of the amount required to cancel the instruction that being £300.00 but having spoken to the managing director as a gesture of goodwill we are happy to place the instruction on hold for a further period of two weeks, to 15th November 2016, to make this payment and formally agree a mutually acceptable repayment plan to clear the remaining instalment arrears and costs outstanding on the account. This confirms that Car Cash Point unfortunately have no choice but to reject your repayment plan proposal of £100.00 per month at this stage. A repayment plan needs to ensure that the account is managed responsibly and the arrears do not become unsustainable. Please note that your weekly instalment is £21.06 (monthly equivalent £91.26) and your instalment arrears are £371.32 plus costs are £588.00. I'might not sure where to go from here. Today was the deadline and unfortunately a money tree hasn't grown in my garden since I emailed them.
  15. No it doesn't. Considering the charge was added on the 12th Oct, it's now the 30th and nobody has been to my house I really don't believe they have even instructed anybody. I just don't know where to go from here.
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