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  1. Thanks for your reply ericsbrother. It is an sta level 2 qualification? I have done a little bit of my own research to see if there was anything else out there available to her as that looked a little bit advanced for her age. She is about to start her bronze duke of Edinburgh at school, something that she is really looking forward to and she recently gave up Guides as I think she had outgrown it. Thanks
  2. It was interesting to read other people's views. She is my eldest daughter and I'm still on a bit of a parenting learning journey too. I would he happy to contribute towards some training costs for the accreditation but I just felt that asking for a £90 was a bit steep given her age, hours worked and amount she is paid. Thanks
  3. I'd just like to thank you all for your helpful advice. My daughter is a very keen and strong swimmer and was asked if she would be willing to do the job which is why she ended up doing it. She has 2 younger siblings so is very good with children and I have also accompanied her during the hour of work and I am confident to vouch that she could cope with minor incidents. I agree with another post though that I would not be confident with her being the person in charge but their qualified swimming instructor does that job. I am happy for her to work the hour a week as it gives her a l
  4. Thanks for the advice. I did email him and politely asked if it could be free or subsidised given that he was the one supplying the training and she was only 14. He said it was his duty to have highly skilled staff hence the need for training but I said surely he should invest in his staff to. I'm not sure of the legalities but I didn't think a 14 year old could do a 7 hour training session due to working hour regulations.
  5. Yes the parents do pay and it's not cheap. I've also just found out that the company who employs her is also the company that provides the lifesaver training!!!
  6. My daughter is 14 and has been a poolside assistant since May. She works 1 hour per week and is paid £5. She is basically in the pool with young children and assists them during their swimming lesson. She ensures they don't get into difficulty and supports them if they become scared or upset. She has been told that she needs mandatory lifesaver training to continue with the job but it will cost her £90 to do the 7 hour course and won't get paid for her time either. This means that it would take her 18 weeks to pay for the course. We were told she would need training but not at our own cos
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