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  1. Still suspended which makes it 7 weeks!!! today. i attended the disciplinary meeting with the business manager amd after pointing out issues, they decided they needed to re-do their invesyigation as the person in charge of said investigation hadnt done it correctly, he even agreed that 4 weeks had been a bit long and woykd get things sorted asap. yet now its been almost 3 more weeks couldnt make this stuff up!
  2. further to this investigation notes for all statements apart from my own have been signed and dated by only the employee themselves where as mine (as is procedure) has bern signed by both myself and the investigating officer. investigating officers signature is not on any other documents
  3. another thing i thought of looking through their "evidence" is that the two people in charge of the investigation are my manager and his mamager. they have also provided statements in evidence wouldn't this mean that their conducting the investigation (i.e. interviewing staf to for statements) as invalid even if it isn't specifically spelled out in their disciplinary procedures? also is there anything elsd i can quote to them i.e. specifix legislation or examples aa to why the suspension wothout pay is unlawful etc?
  4. Got some headway, got a date for a hearing which bis to be chaired by the companies head of operations apparently been accused of not putting things through till correctly i know im not in the wrong so im going to attend the meeting, sifting through the "evidence" since i asked for them to email aswell as mailing it.. funnily the letter says they are using cctv as the evidence but theres non with the rest in the email. hopefully they have sent a hard copy with the snail mail, if not would the lack of that invalidate any disciplinaty measures?
  5. Well today is the 4th day this week that i've tried contacting their hr derparment in an effort to deal woth the same individual. as with yesterday apparently the hr assistant who i spoke isnt in the office until later so im awaiting a call back, as this is what i was told yesterday and never received one im not holding my breath.. Considering the hr assistant in question happens to be the daughter of the companys owner i would expect her to at least be slightly versed in contract ot employment law yet obviousluly not. i quoted how the unpaid suspension could be deemed unlawful yesterday when i spoke to their hr department attempting to deal with the same individual. Given how long this has taken so far im not holding my breath for a speedy resolution, whole thing has made me already seek another job, even if i dont receive a sanction it still affects my reputation in the workplace. youd think that theyd want it sorting quite speedy and the risk of legal implications being minimised but alas i guess its too much to hope for your employer tp be competent. all im concerned about is not being paid amd being unable to support myself. if they confirmed today they were going to pay me correctly for my suspension i wouldn't be arsed about any consequences from a potential disciplinary. even if it is a pain i can always get another job. yet being stuck with nothing to keep your mind occupied gets you worrying how you're going to cope when you have no money coming in, cant claim benefits etc. also apologies for any grammar/punctuation errors i'm typing on a phone with a smashed screen.
  6. I don't think its that, more that the individual complaining that her cas up at end of day was down. as she gets charged the difference
  7. still haven't got anything as to what i have allegedly done only what my initial letter said "a number of serious allegations have been brought to our attention regarding your conduct in the workplace. we are under a duty to fully and properly investigate these allegations. we are therefore suspending you without pat pending the results of this investigation" i do have an inkling what it could br to do with as i said i work in retail which involves cashing up tills. a few days before this suspension a team members till was down through her own mistakes, asked for the number to contact head office at the end of her shift, i couldnt exactly refuse to provide her with said contact details. i've had no contact from the company for 2 weeks now i've had to contact them myself only for the hr reps to tell me they cant tell me specifically what the allegations are, spoke again this morning which is the 5th instance to be told again that it has somethibg to do with cash handling procedures but that i will find out the specific nature when i receive a letter for a disciplinary meeting, said i think i have been suspended unfairly and why and the rep said she cant do anything and i need to point these out at a disciplinary meeting. having been involved in disciplinaries before the people who will be at the m.eeting will most likely be 2 store managers. who will havr no clue about employment or contract law
  8. Nothing fancy just retail. and yea the disxiplinary process is outlined within staff handbook i have a copy which i can refer to. the entry regarding suspension with regard to disciplinary process states word for word Suspension In the event of an allegation of gross misconduct, an employee may be immediately suspended from work. Suspension with pay is a temporary measure to assist in the clarification of facts, collation of details and to avoid a potentially difficult situation or to facilitate an uninterrupted investigation process to take place. Any decision to suspend will be confirmed in writing and such written confirmation will state that the nature of the suspension is precautionary, not disciplinary, pending the outcome of the investigation proceedings. Suspension is a neutral act which does not imply guilt or blame and will be for as short a period as possible." as i said the letter i received said i would be suspended withiut pay pending the results of a investigation despite what their disciplinary process says.
  9. Used to be a zero hours but this changed in the past year to a 4 hours a week minimum contract, rarely work under 35 hours. holiday pay i receive for a week off is calculated at average of previous 12 weeks and having taken a weeks holiday not long before the suspension i received 35 hours holiday pay
  10. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated bit stressed out at the moment having next to no information from work and the prospect of not having money for however long the issue is ongoing. biggest gripe is filling my days i've worked all my adult life and im bored haha
  11. Hi all, i'm ater a bit of help with regards to currently being suspended from work. i was suspended a little over four weeks ago and i have not received information as of yet as to the specific reason i have been suspended for when i was given a letter and suspended by line manager who when i questioned what i was being suspended for said the reason would be in the letter. upon reading the letter it states it is due to multiple allegations in to my conduct but no specific reasons or allegations. It also states that i will be suspended without pay. however the current staff handbook / contract states that suspension WITH pay is a neutral act and makes no provisions for the employer to suspend me without pay. since then i hav e attended 3 investigatory interviews regarding on shift eventsfor the week leadind upto my suspension but no details on what i have been accused of. i spoke to the hr department on the phone today who advised me that they are arranging for a disciplinary meeting but couldnt confirm what it would be for and that a letter i will receive will outline what it is i have been accused of. the information im after is if i have been suspended fairly? does the fact that my suspension letter states without pay and contract states with pay mean they are in breach of contract? secondly should i have been informed when i was suspended exactly what it is i am accused of?
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