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  1. Thanks dx100uk I've had a look to find the one liner letter. 'To whom it may concern It is denied that any monies are owed to your client (vcs) as no contract was offered at the time. Yours sincerely.' Is that all I need to send to create a paper trail? It looked like others on the forums have been receiving letters back from BW after sending the one liner letter.
  2. 1. Date of infringement: 11/06/2016 2. Date of NTK: never received due to change of address 3. Final reminder received 10/08/2016 (first letter seen), BW Legal letter combined with Excel parking passed to BW Legal letter: 26th September. 4. No mention of Schedule 4 of the Protections of Freedoms Act 2012. 5. No photographic evidence given by Excel. 6. Excel Parking Services Ltd. now instructed BW Legal 7. My sister parked my car at Peel Centre, Stockport on a stormy/rainy day, not seeing the signs or any ticket machines with her hood up. She made purchases at H&M and left.
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