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  1. Hi, LS have replied saying I need to pay £10 for a SAR. Ill get that sorted next week then - working away for the weekend. Payday UK Last loan in 2014 rolled twice and then defaulted and still owe them £287 32 entries on credit report wasnt rolling at first but was paying them off and then borrowing again same month then they started being rolled. I don't know if I'm reading the report right or not, but it would seem since sep 2011 and feb 2014 paid them over £12,000 and the last three entries don't have figures on them so probably closer to £13,000 I feel a bit sick seeing that.
  2. Just popping by to say I am still going with this, just been having a really hard time lately with my housing situation finally after months of sleeping rough at my mothers house with my family I was offered social housing only to then have the offer withdrawn after a credit check so I have really not been in a good place in my head. I have emailed LS to ask for a statement for all loans, does anyone know how long this should take? I will try and post the PDUK info up after work tonight/tomorrow. And will be back again once I have the loan statements.
  3. Does anyone know anything about these? Just got position number one for a property, after bidding for it last week, went through income and expenditure and I'm shaking and nervous, forgot to tell her about the three things debt wise I pay out only my partners .... didn't tell her about debts were not paying as it was income and expenditure and I'm currently not paying on some of them. Then she say shes going off to do a credit check and will call me back, that was over an hour ago. So I guess that's game over then? I didn't know social did credit checks? How are we supposed to get anywhere to live? Been living at my mums since January now with my partner and 3 children. I feel like I have literally just hit rock bottom ...
  4. I know Yes I will get a statement ... Will let you know once I have it. PDUK were probably about as bad from what I can see, I'll post up tomorrow, have literally just finished work and my eyes can't focus properly lol. Oh and as always thank you for taking time to help and advise. Good night.
  5. There were 16 loans in total with Lending stream - First loan 15/2/2012 Last loan 03/8/2013 4 defaulted when I realised I had to get out of the payday trap. All the others were paid back in full. The default amounts were £114 , £212 , £525 and £100 - these were all running at the same time .... Asset collections are claiming £2400ish Looks like they lent out roughly 4600 in just under 18 months for all 16 and at one point the repayment to them was at over £1000 a month .... Talk about shameful, how embarrassing! There were monthly ones pretty much coming in and going out to payday UK too
  6. I know what your saying but I'm really unable to tell my partner about this. So if it does get to court and he has to go in person what would I do? Id be pretty screwed then ... Thanks for all help so far with this both of you
  7. Well don't get me wrong if it was my debt Id be fighting all the way but this one isn't even mine .. .. On a side note looks as if we might be moving next week out of my mums house which is good news. Should I tell them he doesn't live here? Should I set up a payment plan and then try and claim some of it back via the irresponsible lending route? And maybe offer a full and final?
  8. Yes it was, and Ill make sure not to name names in future ;-)
  9. Found a case in September where asset collections applied for a ccj for a much less amount than mine over on another site
  10. Oh wow! How dumb am I didn't even realise! I will have to redo them later if still needed? Thanks again
  11. Sorry about the images, I'm trying to do it around work and my partner is in today. I can do them again later if your struggling to read them.
  12. I really do appreciate your help thank you. I'm still gathering from Noddle, I will post up as soon as I have all the info. I have two letters from them and I don't think either mention Lending Stream as a client, I will check in a minute.
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