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  1. Another update... Had a letter today from the Upper Tribunal to say that they have received an Application against the decision by the First-tier Tribunal. Ho-hum :-|
  2. Just a little update: Had a letter from HMCTS this morning - permission for the DWP to appeal **has** been denied so I'll see what happens next ;-)
  3. Quite frankly, the treatment I've had from the local office is appalling and any complaints I have made have gone nowhere so I rub along by doing computer hardware jobs here and there. I really don't want anything to do with them apart from recovering the benefit that I am owed. As for calling the general JSA number, I don't have enough credit on my mobile as I keep it for incoming and emergency calls only. Is there an address I can use to find out whats going on as I do prefer the written word to a disembodied voice working from a script?
  4. Howdo Folks, I was sanctioned in 2012 for six months for a failure to attend a Work Programme appointment with A4E I knew nothing about. Naturally, I appealed and the First Tier Tribunal handed down the Judgement at the end of May 2016 after all the legalities with Reilly & Hewstone and Jeffrey & Bevan were sorted out. The result was that my Appeal was upheld. I received a letter from the DWP at the end of July saying that they were considering an Appeal and that I would not be receiving any payment at that time. Fast forward to the middle of September and my copy of the Trib
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