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  1. @slick132 Yes- sorry should of mentioned. The gym manager forwarded the email from harlands confirming cancellations. If they still harass me I now have proof from themselves that it should be cancelled. Hello, Thank you for your email. This appears to have been cancelled by CRS as of today, if there is anything else you require please don't hesitate in contacting us or them directly.
  2. Thank you for your response @slick132. I have good news they have 'cancelled' the charges. They responded to the facebook message that I sent explaining what I did above. So glad I am now free from this after 10 months.
  3. @slick132 no worries Thank you for trying to understand. Sorry if it seems a bit all over the place. There was a first membership which I started in 2012 and cancelled in Nov/Dec 2015. There was no problems in cancelling I would just get calls from Lifestyle trying to get me to rejoin. Then in January 2016 I considered re-joining after receiving an email from the manager. I responded explaining I would consider under my old terms £17.99 rolling contract. He proceeded to set it up with a new membership id but as I did not receive no membership contract and Direct Debit guarantee wh
  4. @slick132 I received this email from the manager on the 9th December Good evening, I am writing as I have being advised from your bank that your membership has being cancelled, either through the bank or through our helpdesk. I am just checking if this was done by mistake and if there was anything I could to help to set back your gym membership here at Lifestyle Fitness Wembley. Please email me back or call the club on the below numbers. Please let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards Then I received this one on 26th January Good afternoon,
  5. @slick132 In Nov 2015 I cancelled the DD via my bank account and it was acknowledged by Lifestyle Fitness. None of those other methods you mentioned
  6. @dx100uk I tried just when I think it's over I receive a letter @fikofilee 'Charges' apparently loool @slick132 1. What date was the DD normally paid each month. the 1st of each month 2. When did you give notice to cancel (date in Nov 2015). not sure my bank account doesn't show me anymore. a payment was taken 1st December and I was contacted on the 9th December via email 3. When was the DD last paid to Harlands 1st December 4. Did you ever cancel the DD mandate via your bank when you wanted to cancel in Nov or Dec2015. yes
  7. Hi All, I'm hoping you can help me I was a previous member of Lifestyle Fitness when the gym first opened December 2012 to which I signed up to a monthly rolling contract of £17.99. After cancelling my membership in November 2015 I was phoned weekly numerous times and then sent an email from the manager Jason Lombard trying to get me to re-join. I sent an email stating that I would CONSIDER it under the same terms of my previous membership i.e monthly rolling contract £17.99. After a phone call explaining this to him. I then received an email from him that a new mem
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