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  1. Sofology have just called me again saying I see you have just been on social media. The situation is not going to change so they have referred me to furniture ombudsman. I said your too late all ready sent it in with pictures. If they send someone out it is only going to be worse than when their service manager came out after a week. We will see what happens next. I would rather sell it to someone at a loss than give Sofology 30%of the money
  2. Spoke to CAB. They say that I will probably need to get independent report done but on speaking to a upholsterer he said probably not worth the paper it's written on. I have completed a form with the furniture ombudsman see how that goes because they can sometimes send someone out to assess.
  3. You have to wait 3 months before you can contact them. Maybe something for further down the line
  4. Yeah I read it and your right there is no mention of that. I'll see what the CAB say tomorrow. I bet there isn't many times they come out to inspect and admit its poor quality or faulty. The girl I spoke to today if she wax t in the industry she probably wouldn't accept it either. That to me was saying it was bad
  5. When I say made to order I mean I saw the item in store then ordered and waited 14 weeks. Not a shop floor model
  6. He took some pictures looked underneath to check the webbing and made a report. Obv hasn't put my concerns only that he thought it was fine which he would say. He was like one of the chuckle brothers never stopped for breath and obv wasn't listening to my concerns
  7. I'm waiting for my credit card to start dealing also was going to see CAB tomorrow
  8. Here are some pics of the sofa that were taken after a week. The picture of the grey sofa was taken in store yesterday after I sat on it. This sofa has been in store for at least 4 months. this has only been used by myself and my husband. no pets or kids
  9. I've logged in now on my iPad But not sure how to do. If your on Twitter I can send you them on there
  10. I probably being thick but can you tell me how to upload a pic on here
  11. Hi can someone help re sofology. They have sent someone one out to look at the sofa their report says there is no fault with the furniture. Sofology will not do anything apart from take it back but refund me less 30% because in their opinion there is no fault. They also say that I cannot reject the furniture within 30 days under the consumer rights act 2015 because the person they have sent out says there is nothing wrong with it. Can anyone advise what my next step would be. They are going to outline their position by email. I have contacted my credit company but the say that will go to them at the same dept This is what she has sent me Thank you for contacting us recently. Following our conversation today as advised we have sent a service manager out to your property who has assessed your furniture. Therefore we cannot do your beautiful piece of furniture the injustice of declaring a fault. As discussed the consumer rights act you are outlining does not apply in this situation due to there being no faults found. However it is not our intention to leave you with furniture you are unhappy with. We can offer to refund the order and collect the furniture although this would come with a heavy heart. As advised the cancellation would be chargeable of 30%. Once again I would like to apologise for the way you feel and thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards, Megan Rostron
  12. I have emailed them rejecting the furniture under the 30 day period and asked for a refund
  13. Thanks for the info. The furniture was paid by credit card on 13th July but only delivered on 6th October. Is this still covered under the 40 day period of rejecting
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