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  1. I had rung them sat before you advised me to not ring...therefore I havnt rang and wrote everything down and sent it..it was them that rang me today..as I don't have their number logged in my phone I answered..
  2. Well after ringing swift Saturday regarding the copy of court paper they had sent with extortionate figures on the gentleman agreed that those charges had never even been that high ...and he will ring relevant department Monday ...I put it all in writing and have sent if off back to swift complaints.... TOday the gentleman I talked to Saturday has rang to say they are sorry but the copy they sent me is wrong!!! It is not the right one!!! But it has my account no and name on yet it w wrong one. .he said the court have sent the wrong one...!!.. He said my complaint has been reopened and another copy sent with a decision of my complaint... ...I said so you are saying the court have sent wrong paperwork??? he said I'm. It saying that...looks like I may have swift panicking a little ..as they have sent me w fraudulent copy of a possession order. ..that has clearly been altered to make me think I had no chance at court over possession.. ...trying to blame he court in which they will be taking me back to for possession. ..will look forward to their further letter..
  3. update rang swift this morning as sent sar request but didn't enclose any fees.. .asking if there was a charge. .gentlemen said he would take the payment of my card and send it to relevant department Monday morning.. as I arrived home I had a large envelope. .with my complaint details enclosed. ..plus a repayment record . .and accurial account summary.. of which results are. as of 25/0ct/16 simple interest 1.17 disbs and ad charges 5,440.81 bounced cheques 8,996.85 monies received 24,832.78 interest added 13,881.76 actuarial balance 8,487.81 also I had few copies of letters they said they had sent me ..also one main copy of the court decision from 2007.. of which it states Upon hearing the solicitor for the claimant and xxxxx not attending or xxxxxx not attending the court orders the claimant possession of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on or before September 11 2007 \the defendant to pay the claimant 61,850.24 being the outstanding amount under the mortgage!!!!!!! The order is not enforceable as long as they pay the unpaid instalments under the mortgage of 361.29 by conditions set out below 50 per month ...ist to be paid by septemeber... Isnt this copy supposed to be exact copy from the court as never in my life have I owed that much or have they claimed that muc. .as I got straight on the phone to a swift advisor as I panicked thinking god they want loads. ..the advisor said it has never been that amount outstanding ...so this in fact anot the true copy... in my accounts of interest applied I have had interest applied with every payment I made say I paid 70..they added 48 interest on top... on my printed repayment record I had as of 23 dec 2011 ..6.47 owing. ..0.1 months arrears ...from that point everything I pad it increased in the arrears box. .but has brackets around it.. every single payment I made it increased every single time unless my payment declined where it stayed the ame.. looks like I was more in debt by making payments than not making them... They have offered my 1009.00 as a gesture of goodwill.. .Think I need to send this of now for further investigation ..I don't think I should owe anything
  4. no they are due to look at account on 4th nov. ..the advisor when last spoke said solicitors are trying to get a hearing. .i did ask them when I put in complaint to withhold any further action until sar request been dealt with. .not sure whether this will make any difference. .my main worry is with it being a time served loan will judge automatically grant them the repo.. ....now they've sent me all the details and ive looked through them I just want to check whether they are all fair charges and whether interest amount is right...
  5. I have numerous charges for 23.00 saying arrears r 1. weekly.. .at beginning f first arrears. .100.for a W1/1 letter x2 250.00 defult fee 1,509.90 litigation charges then 4 days later 534.66 litigation charge. .all put on account four months after court suspension
  6. have asked for a sar.. ..also complained following their complaints procedure. ..regarding high interest.. .there was no mention of any contractual interest being added onto my account. ..nor any information of arrears and what charges have been applied etc... ..variable rate was 16.44 at start of loan plus when arrears accrued but when went to court they say it was 18.44 which again I was never informed of the hike in interest rate
  7. in 2005 we took out regulated secured loan for 5000. .variable rate of 16.44 apr.. .fell behind in 2008 and went to court and got suspended to pay of arrears of 480. At the time..loan carried on but fell back into arrears and term end was 23rd july 2010. ..as it came to end I still had arrears and obv charges arrears plus interest so was quite high I asked what will happen and they said just keep paying the agreed amount which was 124.00 and some extra off. .which was whatever i could afford at time// over the years debt crept up to about £12k with interest etc. .each yr payments have increased and we have paid more each yr that's passed and debt has eventually come down to 8400 In total I have paid over 15k and have 8500 owing. .i missed a payment in august which they then said they've give us enough time and going back to court.. .tried to offer more each week but they said no. ..Not sure if it will be a fresh claim.. .or enforce the one from 2008... Since they sent me all the payment sheets I have noted charges etc, ,one page is missing . ..15months worth of details so sent sar asking for it. .plus put in complaint to get some charges looked at ..do you think I have good chance of a final suspension. should I apply for a time order? ask for adjournment until I get all details. .Court costs from last time are 2000 and they also charged repossession cancellation of 100..too...
  8. I have the copies of the repossession order and all the details of payments made and charges applied..nothing about interest....and no in detail of each charge and hat it was for I also have copy of agreement signed in 2005
  9. hi I was wrong about it being a ccj....it was the default that was registered for 6 years..I always thought it was a ccj.....I took the loan out in June 2005 for 5000 payable over 60months at 120.00 a month. I got in arrears in 2008 and a repossession order was applied. But it was suspended on the fact I paid 120.00 plus 50.00 towards the arrears that were 480 at the time....The payments wer made but I fell behind a bit more before the term of the loan expired and they hadn't taken it back to court..at the time the loan was term expired in June 2010 I iwed 2800.00 in arrears. This with the charges that they applied up until this point which was 3500 made me total arrears of 6300 rough figures.....they said I could carry on until arrears were clear by paying amounts each month which were always different ..latest payments being 280.00. Per month..I missed the one in August which has led them to go for litigation...do they have to start again? TO date I have paid over 15,000 pound for this loan and they say I owe 8500 still.....Can they go for a straight eviction date....it was a regulated secured loan
  10. I took out a swift secured loan in 2005. ..which was to be paid over 60 month at the rate of 120.41 a month.. ..in 2007 i fell into arrears and a ccj was applied to grant repossession. ..this got suspended .. .to pay normal monthly cost and a little off the arrears... .this was done until the term expired and at that point debt reached in the 12000 mark... They said to carry on paying the normal amount which was pre contract plus extra towards arrears.. ( but no monthly payments were due as term expired) so assume everything i pay goes towards arrears. .been paying every month since to the point of last yr paying 280.00 a month. ..i missed a payment in aug and now they are saying they are taking litigation action ...not sure whether its to enforce the original ccj or acquire a new one. ..can they do this?? Would old one be valid. ..as old one was pay contracted payment with little towards arrears .in total i have paid in exceas of 15,000 and they say i still owe 8,300. .can someone help me??
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