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  1. Ok thank you I'll get that sent off to them. What will happen after that
  2. No as she does it on an iPad and I just receive the credit agreement via email. Sorry
  3. Yes. But she would never ask about rent and council tax and that's an extra £520 a month
  4. The loan from January was paid off with money from the £800 loan( shown in pics on payment book as loan was issued after statement)plus £712 intersect(£1512 to pay altogether) and I have paid off £72= £1440 left to pay. The loan of £300 issued (8/04/16)has £259.50 left to pay (statement shows more as I have made payments since then) The other £800 loan dated 22/04/16 with £712 interest added. (£1512 total to pay back) I have £1123 to pay back. I'll try add some pics of my payment book the current loans
  5. Sorry was using my phone that option didn't show. Switched to desktop version. The loan, agreement number ending 096, has been refinanced to the last 800 loan which I have pictured in my payment book
  6. Hi I have found a statement from September but one of those loans was refinanced with another loan. I don't know how to upload pics on here
  7. Thank you all for your replies I will contact them for an account statement. There is three loans outstanding £259.50, £1122 and £1440. I haven't missed any payments up till now (I was on a reduced payment for three months as tax credits were cut due to an overpayment) I haven't contacted anyone at provident yet. Should I contact head office and tell them, I don't really want to get in contact with the agent as I feel guilty enough as it is as I know her. Where as head office I don't. How can I get the agent to stop coming to my house?
  8. I have the latest agreement I get them emailed to me. Yes she does the ingoings and outgoings but never puts down rent and council tax. I will send off for everything from them. Is there something I can also send to stop them from coming to my house
  9. Stupid phone. That is meant to say they have me £1000 and they have my husband £250
  10. Yes she would 'refinance' as she called, a loan. So yeah giving me a loan then taking back off me what it cost to pay off one of the loans. Well I didn't give her back the money to pay off the other loan as she would just give me the diffference. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Say I got a loan of 800 and I cost 300 to pay off other loan she would give me 500 Yes. Vanquis is a crdit card. Witney gave me £1000 starting credit limit when I never worked. Hmgave ny husban £250 credit limit and he works full time
  11. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new here. First off please don't judge me I hate myself enough for the situation I have got myself into. Honestly I'm so stupid with money. I got a DRO in January 2015 which finished on January 2016 for catalogues I got and just couldn't afford to pay the £80 a month. Now fast forward I have stupidly got myself into more debt with provident and my payments are £70 a week and I just can't afford it anymore. I owe around £2500 to provident and £1000 to vanquis. It just seemed so easy when provident came to get a loan. Agent would say I'll ring you beginning of next week and let you know if it's showing up a loan and come and do it for you' and every time I'd take the loan. I said sometimes I just want to get the minimum payments lower then take another but as soon as it showed up for a loan she used to tell me and I'd stupidly take it. Thinking or well I can get my kids xmas presents/birthdays sorted etc. But now every week I'm left with nothing after I've paid usual bills etc and I feel as tho I'm doing wrong by my children as I can't afford everything I need. I just can't pay anymore. I'm planning on just ignoring the door when she calls on Friday. I suffer really bad anxiety and on medication and the stress off worrying about money all the time is making it worse. wake up during the night and my mind is just in overdrive thinking about money money money. Please can I have some advice anything at all will help. Will provident take me to court. Will try just keep knocking on my door every week. Can they go to my grandparents house (up the street) and say I haven't paid? I only receive ctc and cb. I am classed as self employed as I make cakes only make 1-2 a month so only get aroun £30 a month profit( had to do this to try get more money from somewhere. My husband works but once he has paid for rent council tax and petrol to and from work he barely has anything left himself. I spoke to step change about a debt management plan but in all honestly I can't afford to pay anything. I feel so guilty towards the agent aswell as she is a lovely lady but I just can't take this no more. I have to think of my kids needs , wish I had done that in the first place instead of thinking of my own taking out these loans
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