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  1. Not heard a thing since my last post. Greatful for all the advice from the guys on here.
  2. So eric, a letter that looks like this. And I shouldn't bother signing it, just my name. Letter to Gladstones secure.pdf
  3. Thanks Eric, I will get that sent out today. DO I just send it to Gladstones or to Ethical as well. Just one point (please bear with me, I'm still trying to actually comprehend it). The bit where you say that it is denied that the keeper was the driver at the time, is that just a phrase being used as I am not denying i parked the vehicle, it's just i purchased a ticket that somehow ended up upside down. Thanks
  4. Is this letter I have received a claimform? Sorry for being a bit simple but I've never gone through this process before.
  5. Thanks Honeybee. Just seen one of erics replies to a similar case but in regards to Shoreham Airport. Looks like I may be writing to them, but I shall await a response from eric and hopefully one of his cunningly written drafts
  6. And like a bad smell.....it lingers. Here is a letter I received from some solicitors. Advice please. I assume its leave it and forget. Looks like a generic letter looking to extort me for money. @ericsbrother @dx100uk Gladstones Solicitors Letter.pdf
  7. If this was in reply to my thread, after the several expected threatening letters I have heard nothing since.
  8. Apologies, Here are the 3 further documents I have received. Any more advice. You guys have been so helpful so far, I can't thank you enough. docs1.pdf
  9. Okay thanks very much. If I receive any more letters from then I will post them on here.
  10. Thanks very much. So what do I do now. Just ignore it? And just to confirm. I had a valid permit and purchased a ticket. It just somehow ended up upside down, but the permit was always visible.
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