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  1. he has never been self-employed and he doesn't have any other income/salary - apparently because he earned over a certain amount he had to start filing returns which i find absolutely ridiculous! you are just giving info to HMRC that that they have already given to you - i mean how stupid and unnecessary is that - unless i am missing something
  2. Hi, About 4 years ago now my husband got a new job which paid a decent salary. A couple of months ago someone in the wages dept of his works said to him about his tax code seemed odd and he ought to call and check it was correct. He did so and apparently he has been fined for not filing self assessments for this job - he didn't realise he had to and no-one at work mentioned it. Anyway i filed all outstanding returns for him which is basically just giving HMRC the info they have already provided to him on the P60's!?!? why..... Anyway he gets confirmation back all filed and then a breakdown of what he owes (all charges - no tax) which comes to almost 6K! then he gets confirmation he is getting a tax refund back of £1900!? This amount has just been paid into his account and HMRC have said he has until 2nd week in November to pay all charges. What is the best way of challenging this as he has spoken to about half a dozen different people at HMRC who all said basically tough!! Thanks in advance.
  3. sorry for late reply. i have sent meter readings periodically when i have remembered.
  4. Hello, Was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction please - have gone up against creditors and DCA's before but now I am having to try and deal with British Gas. I live in a very rural area and have been here for approx. 10 years - in all that time British Gas have been to read my electric meter a grand total of 4 times. They have been happy for me to pay a fixed amount over the years increasing and decreasing sometimes and to be honest as the amounts suited me due to income I just continued to pay. a couple of months ago I was shocked that a meter reader turned up then a massive bill was provided to me - I queried it and was told it was correct because a person had read it - I asked if someone could check if the meter was working properly - this request has conveniently been ignored. While this is ongoing I have continued to pay and have paid a higher amount - I have advised BG that I can pay this amount moving forward each month - they have advised cannot accept as not enough and they need to speak with me to come to an arrangement. Any thoughts please as I cannot afford any more at this moment in time. Thank you.
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